Uttarashada Nakshatra

The 21st nakshatra among the twenty-seven present in the Vedic astrology is Uttara Ashadha or Uttarashada nakshatra. The brightest stars in the archer’s breast in the constellation of Sagittarius comprises Sigma, Tau, Phi, and Zeta Sagittarii, which makes Uttarashada nakshatra.
Sun is the ruling planet for this nakshatra. Uttarashada spans through Sagittarius and Capricorn. The tusk of an elephant or by a small bed represents the star.


Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological Range266°40′ to 270°00′ Sagittarius to 270°00′ to 280°00′ Capricorn
Nakshatra Number21
SymbolElephant’s tusk, the planks of a bed
Presiding DeityVishvadevas-Universal Gods
Controlling/Ruling PlanetSun
Ruling Deity of Ruling PlanetShiva
ShaktiGrant an unchallengeable victory
NatureThe fixed or permanent (Dhruva)
GanaManushya Gana (Human)
Body VarāhamihiraThighs
Body ParasharaScrotum
Rashi/ZodiacSagittarius signs & Capricorn signs
TranslationLater victory
Beejakashra for 4 pada’sBe, Bo, Ja, Ji
Lucky lettersB & G
Lucky StoneRuby
Lucky ColorCopper
Lucky or Favourable Numbers1
Common Name of Associated TreePalasa (Jackfruit Tree) /Bread Fruit
Botanical Name of Associated TreeArtocarpus heterophyllus
Astronomical NameSigma Sagittarii
Bird NameStork
Yoni/Animal SymbolA Male Mongoose
CareerAthletes, hunters, social workers, psychologists, counselors, rangers, engineers, scientists, musicians, architect

Characteristics of people born Under Uttarashada Nakshatra

The ruling planets, deities, and symbols also represent the Uttara Ashada borns personality traits and behavioral characteristics.
The natives are blessed with a kind and understanding life partner. They are modest, soft-spoken, hardworking, and dislike being dishonest. They are sincere, honest, and innocent, which are the most endearing qualities of Uttara Ashada borns. They are reserved and do not open up to strangers easily. Their inner-strength to face challenging situations is commendable.

Physical Characteristics :

People born under the star are attractive. They have a balanced body, long nose, beautiful eyes, a broad head, and a good complexion. They will have blemish-free skin.

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are

  • Uttara Ashada nakshatra borns are amazing listeners.
  • They enjoy reading and are always eager to gain new knowledge.
  • Achieving their goal and setting goals is intrinsic to their nature.
  • Appreciating others and treating everybody alike irrespective of status and position is one of their prominent personality traits.
  • Respecting people and not talking behind their back, regardless of the difference of opinions, is a real positive trait native to the Uttarashada borns.
  • Being modest, humble, tolerant, and grateful comes naturally to the natives.
  • They possess excellent leadership qualities and can become talented politicians.
  • The natives are devoted to family and friends.


They are not without negative traits.

  • Uttarashada borns seek approval for their actions and, at times, possess low self-esteem.
  • They are over humble, even when it is not needed.
  • While solving other people’s problems unknowingly, they draw difficulties upon themselves.
  • Since they can’t hurt others, they stay in destructive relationships longer than necessary.
  • They are beginners but often cannot finish what they started.


The natives find a helpful and understanding partner and lead a happy married life. According to Veda Doshas and instinctive compatibilities, Hasta, Bharani, and Rohini nakshatra’s are compatible with the native nakshatra, while Bhadrapada and Ashlesha are incompatible.

Uttarashada Nakshatra quarters

Vedic astrology divides the Uttara Ashada nakshatra range into four quarters or padas representing the star’s position concerning the earth’s movement. Each quarter represents a prominent trait of the person born in it carries.

First Pada :

Range : 266°40′ – 270°00′ in Sagittarius
Governing planets:
Navamsa sign: Sagittarius
Sound: Be (Bay)
Characteristic : Expansion

Second Pada :

Range : 270°00′ – 273°20′ in Capricorn
Governing planets:
Navamsa sign : Capricorn
Soul Sound : Bo
Characteristic: Manifestation

Third Pada :

Range: 273°20′ – 276°40′ in Capricorn
Governing planets:
Navamsa sign: Aquarius
Soul Sound: Ja (Jaa)
Characteristic : Collaboration

Fourth Pada :

Range : 276°40′ – 280°00′ in Capricorn
Governing planets:
Navamsa sign : Pisces
Soul Sound: Ji (Jee)
Characteristic : Balance

Man’s Characteristics

Soft-spoken, kind-hearted, intelligent, and innocent are some adjectives used to describe the traits of men born under Uttarashada. He will never show off his power, position, and wealth even when he rises to prominent positions. He will always remain humble and down-to-earth. The god-fearing native is an introvert and has few chosen friends whom he trusts his life with. He should carefully evaluate his professional friends before committing to anything. He will see steady progress in the professional area after he is 38.
As mentioned before, he will lead a blissful married life with a fantastic life partner. He will have to face drastic changes in familial front between the age of 28-31. Health will be fair to him. He may suffer from minor problems related to stomach and pulmonary issues.

Woman’s Characteristics

Uttarashada women are simple and innocent. But she is quick-tempered and easy to provoke. She is intelligent and good at her studies. She will make an excellent teacher, bank employee, writers, or spiritual healers. She will often have to stay away from her husband for professional reasons. Still, she will be blessed with a kind, caring, and lovable husband. The natives will have gastric, hernia or uterus problems which will be set right with proper treatment and medication.
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