Swathi Nakshatra

Swathi is the 15th nakshatra mentioned in the astronomical texts of ancient India. The single star Arcturus (Alpha-Bootis) in the Botis constellation represents this nakshatra.
The symbol of nakshatra is a young plant ready to face the test of times. It can bend, be flexible, and restless to grow tall and look into the world quickly. The ruling deity Vayu offers creativity, artistic abilities, and freedom-loving nature on the natives.
Swati is also said to be the first pure-drop of rain that falls on the Earth and can turn into a beautiful pearl when it falls on an oyster.


Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological Range186°40 to 200°00′ Libra
Nakshatra Number15
SymbolYoung sprout quivering in the wind, Sword, Coral, Sapphire
Presiding DeityVayu – God of Wind
Controlling/Ruling PlanetRahu
Ruling Deity of Ruling PlanetDurga
ShaktiPradhvamsa Shakti, Scatter like the wind
NatureThe movable or ephemeral (Chara)
GanaDeva Gana (god-like)
Body VarāhamihiraTeeth
Body ParasharaStomach
Rashi/ZodiacLibra sign
TranslationThe priest, the sword
Beejakashra for 4 pada’sRu, Re, Ro, Ta
Lucky lettersR & L
Lucky StoneGomedhaka
Lucky ColorBlack
Lucky or Favourable Numbers4
Common Name of Associated TreeQueen’s Flower, Arjuna Tree (Matti)
Botanical Name of Associated TreeLagerstroemia speciosa
Astronomical NameArcturus
Bird NameHoney Bee
Yoni/Animal SymbolMale Buffalo
CareerFinancial and legal domains, gold business, acting, textile, traveling, mechanical engineering, service professions, independent entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, lawyers, judges, or any job requiring flexibility

Characteristics of people born Under Swathi Nakshatra

Swathi nakshatra is otherwise known as an independent star purely because of the features it exhibits. Those born under Swati are humble and have hidden potential for greatness that they are rarely aware of. Fresh information and new learnings excite them.
Diplomacy is something that Swathi natives are adept in, to navigate the world. Swati gives success a little later in life. Striking balance is the essence of Swati, and though it might take some time, fast learners as they are, Swathi born will find their way.

Physical Characteristics :

The physical traits are not set for Swathi Borns. The most distinguishable feature is Men have curved foot and raised ankle, while women are slow walkers.

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are

  • They are honest and pure at heart.
  • Discipline is what the natives expect from themselves and everyone around them.
  • Concentration skills of the natives are envy to anyone who can see them work.
  • They are accomplished businessmen and have a talent for trade and commerce.
  • Humanitarian causes appeal to their kind heart and also makes them lean towards spiritual roots.
  • Rational thinking is one of their main strengths.
  • Generally optimists, the Swathi born place their faith in honest friends, as they are also an excellent judge of character.

They are not without negative traits.

  • The major drawback of Swathi born is their uncontrolled temper. Though they usually are calm and composed, when outraged, pacifying the Swathi natives is a herculean task.
  • Swathi born cannot handle their finances well and often end up losing more money than they earn.
  • Constant critics, Swathi borns cannot stand criticism.
  • The natives can be easily influenced by other’s opinions.
  • The need to be always occupied with something productive can make the native restless and add to their mental fatigue.


The general observation of Swathi born is they do not enjoy a blissful conjugal life. Hence they have to take extra caution while selecting their partners. The most compatible nakshatra are Punarvasu, Chitra, and Hasta. While the most incompatible nakshatras are Rohini and Bharani.

Swathi Nakshatra quarters

Each nakshatra has 4 quarters that represent the position of the star concerning the movement of the Earth. So, the degrees of the Swathi nakshatra is divided into 4 quarters or padas.

First Pada :

Range : 186°40′ to 190°00′ in Libra
Governing planet: Jupiter
Navamsa sign: Sagittarius
Sound: Ru
Characteristic : Open-minded

Second Pada :

Range : 190°00′ to 193°20′ in Libra
Governing planet: Saturn
Navamsa sign : Capricorn
Soul Sound : Re
Characteristic: Stability

Third Pada :

Range: 193°20′ to 196°40′ in Libra
Governing planet: Saturn
Navamsa sign: Aquarius
Soul Sound: Ro
Characteristic : Learning

Fourth Pada :

Range : 196°40′ to 200°00′ in Libra
Governing planet : Jupiter
Navamsa sign : Pisces
Soul Sound: Ta
Characteristic : Adaptability

Man’s Characteristics

Self-dependent is the core characteristic of men born under Swathi. He is honest, hardworking, and enjoys working with a lot of freedom. Hence they make good businessmen rather than employees. One cannot expect him to give false praises, but he gives respect where it is due. They hate meaningless criticism and only take it when it comes from a trusted source they know are not subjugating their work.
Until 30, there will not be much progress in his career, but from 30 onwards, he will find his footing and be happy and prosperous. Conjugal life will appear harmonious to people from outside. Still, the couple will have to work hard to make their relationship thrive. Good health will keep him company throughout. He might experience stomach related problems or bone aches occasionally.

Woman’s Characteristics

Compassionate describes women born under Swathi nakshatra. She is religious and takes excellent care and interest in all the daily rituals performed by her family. Making friends even out of enemies for her honesty and pure-heart comes naturally to her. She is a genuinely homely girl as she dislikes traveling or venturing out, but spends time with her family.
Her profession will gain her name and fame if she is a professional. She will have to compromise on a few of her values to keep her marriage life going. Still, overall she will have a satisfactory conjugal life. She will have stress-related health issues, which, if managed effectively, can help her lead a healthy life.
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