Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini is part of the Taurus constellation. The name associates with passion and a lot of warmth, implying the meaning of its name – “The red one.” Symbolized by the cart, it denotes fertility and success in commerce.
People born under the star also have creativity as their backbone, as the star’s ruling deity is Prajapati or Brahma.
Feminine qualities are prominent in people with Rohini as their star sign. They have strong family values and have an eye for beautiful artifacts and luxury.



Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological Range40°00′ to 53°20′ Taurus
Nakshatra Number4
Presiding DeityPrajapati / Brahma -lord of creation
Controlling/Ruling PlanetMoon
Ruling Deity of Ruling PlanetParvati
NatureThe fixed or permanent (Dhruva)
GanaManava / Manushya
Body VarāhamihiraLegs, shanks
Body ParasharaEyes
Rashi/ZodiacTaurus Sign (Vrishabh)
TranslationThe red one
Beejakashra for 4 pada’sO, Va, Vi, Vu
Lucky lettersO & V
Lucky StonePearl
Lucky ColorWhite
Lucky or Favourable Numbers2
Common Name of Associated TreeJamun
Botanical Name of Associated TreeSyzigium cumin
Astronomical NameAldebaran
Bird NameOwl
Yoni/Animal SymbolA Male Serpent (Sarpa)
CareerSculptors, artists, musicians, danseuse, creative directors, photography, editing, agriculture, environmentalists, advertisement, writing, marketing, and jewelry designing

Characteristics of people born under Rohini nakshatra

People with Rohini nakshatra as their star sign are calm, gentle, and compassionate. They have a certain charm, and sex appeal builds in their personality and get people to notice them easily.
They love nature and take care of them fondly as nurturing their own kith and kin. Art and creativity are closely associated with the star. So people with the influence of the Rohini star on them are good in creative fields. If appropriately exploited, perseverance and hard work mixed with creative ingenuity will propel the natives to lead a successful life

Physical Characteristics :

Based on favorable planetary alignments, the most common physical features are –

  • Beautiful eyes.
  • Medium height
  • fair complexion.
  • Slim physique.
  • Appealing and attractive appearance

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are

  • Temperamental sweetness and gentle nature make them honest and reliable friends.
  • Morally oriented and trustworthy.
  • They are self-reliant and are financially secure.
  • They are respected by both family and friends.
  • Artistic values and a sense of beauty come to them automatically
  • As nature lovers, they contribute to preserving the environment in whatever way they can.
  • For the natives, education comes as a blessing and is inclined to take up studies related to the art field.
  • A balanced mind and practical thinking make them capable of achieving their dreams and goals.

They are not without negative traits.

  • They are materialistic and are deceptive.
  • The natives have a way with words and can charm their way of realizing their goals.
  • They are overly sensitive and are easily hurt.
  • Their compassionate nature makes it easy for others to take advantage of them.
  • Jealousy, possessiveness, and indecisiveness form part of their character.
  • With high creativity, they easily slip into their imaginative world and often live in an alternate reality.


Mrigashirsha nakshatra, symbolized by the original source of a female snake, is the most compatible nakshatra concerning Rohini. Ashwini and Bharani nakshatras, along with their female counterparts – Revathi and Shatabhisa, are compatible with Rohini nakshatra.
As the nakshatra symbolizes the ‘yoni’ of the snake, it is neutral to the tiger’s male and female counterparts. Uttara Ashada nakshatra, expressed by the ‘yoni’ of male mongoose, is the most non-compatible.
It is neutral to Vishakha and Chitra, Rohini is inimical, or incompatible to the remaining birth stars.

Rohini nakshatra quarters

Each nakshatra has 4 quarters that represent the position of the star concerning the movement of the earth. So, the degrees of the Rohini nakshatra is divided into 4 quarters or

First Pada :

Range : 40° 00′ to 43° 20′ in Taurus
Governing planet : Mars
Navamsa sign : Aries
Sound : O
Characteristic : Passion

Second Pada :

Range : 43° 20′ to 46° 40′ in Taurus
Governing planet : Venus
Navamsa sign : Taurus
Soul Sound : Va
Characteristic : Abundance

Third Pada :

Range : 46° 40′ to 50° 00′ in Taurus
Governing planet : Mercury
Navamsa sign : Gemini
Soul Sound : Vi
Characteristic : Resilience

Fourth Pada :

Range : 50° 00′ to 53° 20′ in Taurus
Governing planet : Moon
Navamsa sign : Cancer
Soul Sound : Vu
Characteristic : Comfort

Man’s Characteristics 

The man native of the Rohini nakshatra is short-tempered and stubborn. He is prone to finding fault in others. He relies more on his heart than his brain to decide. The only soft corner he develops is for his friends and family as they mean the world to him. He is more attached to his mother and maternal relatives than fraternal relatives.
Health-wise, the man, is prone to blood-related diseases such as sugar. He may also be prone to jaundice and urinary disorders.

Woman’s Characteristics

A woman born under Rohini nakshatra is well-mannered. She is fond of dressing and loves beautiful attires. Her inner-strength makes her family and friends rely on her. Though she has a soft heart, her rough external appearance appears arrogant to people. Though calm most of the time, her anger is something people can’t handle when provoked. Health-wise, she is blessed and will face minor problems in her life unless other planets are not in a favorable position at the time of her birth.
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