Dhanishta Nakshatra

The four stars in the constellation of Delphini Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Delphini, which form the head of a dolphin, comprises Dhanishta nakshatra. In Vedic astrology, Dhanishta is the 23rd star in the series of 27 stars. It bridges the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.




Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological Range293°20′ to 300°00′ Capricorn to 300°00′ to 306°40′ Aquarius
Nakshatra Number23
SymbolMusical drum
Presiding DeityThe eight Vasu’s, the solar gods of energy and light.
Controlling/Ruling PlanetMars
Ruling Deity of Ruling PlanetMuruga
Shakti: Khyapayitri Shakti
NatureThe movable or ephemeral (Chara)
GanaRakshasa Gana (demon)
Rashi/ZodiacCapricorn Sign & Aquarius Sign
MarriageNot Auspicious
TranslationThe richest, most beneficent
Beejakashra for 4 pada’sGa, Gi, Gu, Ge
Lucky lettersG
Lucky StoneCoral
Lucky ColorSilver Grey
Lucky or Favourable Numbers9
Common Name of Associated TreeIndian Mesquite, Vanni, Kejari
Botanical Name of Associated TreeProsopis Cineraria
Astronomical NameBeta Delphinium
Bird NameGolden Bee
Yoni/Animal SymbolA Female Lion
CareerMusician, Dancer, doctors, surgeons, engineers, poets, gem dealers, group coordinators, mangers, real-estate dealers

Characteristics of people born Under Sharavana Nakshatra

The ruling deities and planets influence the general characteristics of people born under the influence of Dhanishta nakshatra.
The ruling eight deities or ‘Vasus’ – Apah, Dhruva, Dhara, Anila, Anala, Pratyusa, Pravasha, and Soma, bequeath one unique quality. Hence the natives are good at music dance, confidence, stability, dependability, hard work, energy, sharpness, trade skills, and benevolence.
The dolphin-like constellation enriches Dhanishta borns with the mystical ‘Khyapayitri Shakti,’ by blessing them with fame, success, and prosperity in abundance.

Physical Characteristics :

As a general rule, men born under this star and thin and tall. Women look younger than they really are and are as well blessed with pleasant looks.

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are

  • The natives are delightful conversationalists and hence acquire a wide social circle.
  • Foreign lands hold success to the natives.
  • Both spiritual and materialistic doors are always open to the natives. They will have to choose which to follow when.
  • Being wealthy, the native indulge in charitable works are acquire popular status in their social circles.
  • Sincerity, compassion, and empathy come naturally to people born under this star.
  • With excellent organization capacities and insights, they make suitable leaders and work towards achieving the deadlines at earliest.
  • Natives born under Dhanishta adjust and adapt to the changing circumstances and environment.
  • Other positive traits of Dhanishta borns are: intelligent, frank, jovial, outgoing, and vibrant.
  • Success and achievements follow them, given they do not let it get to their heads.

They are not without negative traits.

  • Dhanishta borns are susceptible to social influences that might fire-back if they cannot distinguish between good or bad early on.
  • Aggression and lust for success are their prominent negative traits.
  • Withholding information and being secretive, often lands them in difficulties.
  • Being ruthless, deceptive, and selfish, they tend to hurt others often.
  • Advising Dhanishta borns is not practical, as they listen to none.
  • The natives have the tendency to select incompatible companions.


According to Veda Doshas and instinctive compatibilities, Purva Bhadrapada, Shravana, Purvashada, and Uttarashada Nakshatra’s are compatible with the native nakshatra. At the same time, Mrugashira, Chitra, Bharani, and Revathi are incompatible.

Dhanista Nakshatra quarters

Vedic astrology divides the Dhanishta nakshatra range into four quarters or padas representing the star’s position concerning the earth’s movement. Each quarter represents a prominent trait of the person born in it carries.

First Pada :

Range : 293° 20′ – 296° 40′ in Capricorn
Governing planets: Sun
Navamsa sign: Leo
Sound: Ga
Characteristic : Ambitious

Second Pada :

Range : 296° 40′ – 300° 00’in Capricorn
Governing planets: Mercury
Navamsa sign : Virgo
Soul Sound : Gi
Characteristic: Skillful

Third Pada :

Range: 300° 00′ – 303° 20′ in Aquarius
Governing planets: Venus
Navamsa sign: Libra
Soul Sound: Gu (See)
Characteristic : Optimistic

Fourth Pada :

Range : 303° 20′ – 306° 40′ in Aquarius
Governing planets: Mars
Navamsa sign : Scorpio
Soul Sound: Ge
Characteristic : Aggressive

Man’s Characteristics

The native men of this nakshatra are intelligent and possess a rebellious spirit. They avoid arguments until it becomes absolutely necessary. As the epitome of patience, he will wait for ages to get the revenge he desires. He will have a fantastic career from the age of 24. He will have a pleasant family life, and he will favor his siblings. However, he is reserved with his in-laws, though he will treat his wife well.
Health will deprive the natives, and he will not be conscious of taking preventive measures. He will be prone to cough, cold, and anemia.

Woman’s Characteristics

Women born under Dhanishta are ambitious and also spendthrifts. She is also humble and has compassion from underprivileged. Her talents vary. Education, literature, and sciences welcome her with open arms and guide her into her profession. They need to take more care of their health, as they will ignore it until it becomes severe. They are, generally, prone to anemia, uterus problems, cough, and blood-related ailments.
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