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Jyeshta Nakshatra

Jyestha means the eldest. The brilliant red star Antares is also known as Jyestha nakshatra. It is the 18th star in the series, according to the ancient texts. It is much larger than our sun and is in the heart of Scorpio constellation. The star reflects the planetary force of Mars, Mercury, and its ruling deity, Lord Indra.
Brilliant analytical abilities, handful but trustworthy friends, cheerful and virtuous traits mark the core of Jyestha borns.

Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological Range
: 226°40′ to 240°00′ Scorpio
Nakshatra Number
: 18
: Female
: Earring, umbrella, talisman
Presiding Deity
: Mercury (Budha)
Controlling/Ruling Planet
: Vishnu
Ruling Deity of Ruling Planet
: Vishnu
: To rise or conquer, and muster courage in battle
: Sankara
: The Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna) or hard (Daruna)
: Rakshasa
Body Varāhamihira
: Neck
Body Parashara
: Upper hips
: Scorpio
: Not Auspicious
: Eldest sister, river Ganges
Beejakashra for 4 pada's
: No, Ya, Yi, Yu
Lucky letters
: N & Y
Lucky Stone
: Emerald
Lucky Color
: Cream
Lucky or Favourable Numbers
: 5
Common Name of Associated Tree
: Shalmali (Cotton Tree)
Botanical Name of Associated Tree
: Calammus rotang
Astronomical Name
: Antares
: Vata
: Sattwic
: Air
Bird Name
: Brahmani Duck
Yoni/Animal Symbol
: A Male Deer or Hare
: Military, Managers, Investigators, Police, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Engineers, Athletes, Surgeons, Orators, Reporters, and more.

Characteristics of people born Under Jyeshta Nakshatra

Jyeshta star associates with seniority. People born under Jyeshta have the potential for greatness. They need to learn to deal with and resolve their inner conflicts and wield their nakshatra power responsibly. Earring or disc are symbols of the nakshatra and represent the energy of Lord Vishnu and Mercury, which gives protection and intellectual abilities.
Jyeshta borns swear themselves to defend the vulnerable or underprivileged depending on their shrewd and courageous nature given by the ruling deity, Lord Indra. The key to establishing the authority they long for is their generosity and charity.

Physical Characteristics :

  • Attractive appearance but with defective teeth.
  • Long arms, above average height, broad face, and curly hairs

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are
  • Traditionalism, kindness, and insistence on philanthropic deeds are the leading assets of the natives.
  • Upholding the protective facet and protecting the weak comes naturally to them.
  • High ambitions and result-oriented thinking make the natives hardworking. Once the determination sets in, nothing can hold them back.
  • They are open-minded and do not hide behind masks to hide their feelings.
  • The natives are kind-hearted, possess soft nature bases on charity and generosity.
  • The Jyeshta borns are emotionally and intellectually alert at all times.
  • They willingly shoulder responsibilities and higher positions.
  • The music draws their attention, and the natives are quick learners of the art.
  • Fond of wit, they build their social network with a handful of trustworthy friends.
They are not without negative traits.
  • Jyeshta borns are always conscious of creating and maintaining their image.
  • Their thoughts always revolve around gaining material comforts.
  • Being rash and impulsive is a typical nature of this nakshatra born.
  • They do not heed well to the advice of others and are bull-headed.
  • Hot-temperament and being obstinate add to the list of other negative qualities.
  • The natives can become unduly authoritative and dictatorial.
  • nwilling to compromise, they are irritable, possessive, and have a high ego.


Going by the rules of "Veda Dosha," Jyeshtha and Ashwini are mutually incompatible. But keeping with the norms of "yoni kuta," Jyestha is instinctively compatibility to Anuradha nakshatra.

Jyeshta Nakshatra quarters

Vedic astrology divides the Jyeshta nakshatra range into 4 quarters or padas representing the star's position concerning the earth's movement. Each quarter represents a prominent trait, the person born in it carries.

First Pada :
Range : 226°40′ – 230°00′ in Scorpio
Governing planets: Jupiter
Navamsa sign: Sagittarius
Sound: No
Characteristic : Generosity
Second Pada :
Range : 230°00′ – 233°20′ in Scorpio
Governing planets: Saturn
Navamsa sign : Capricorn
Soul Sound : Ya
Characteristic: responsibility
Third Pada :
Range: 233°20′ – 236°40′ in Scorpio
Governing planets: Saturn
Navamsa sign: Saturn
Soul Sound: Yi
Characteristic : Altruism
Fourth Pada :
Range : 236°40′ – 240°00′ in Scorpio
Governing planets: Jupiter
Navamsa sign : Pisces
Soul Sound: Yu
Characteristic : Sacrifice

Man's Characteristics :

Jyestha born men are pure-hearted and shoulder responsibilities. He is a lousy secret-keeper, so confidential information will not stay sensitive with him. He does as his conscience bids him and does not heed to advice of others from the moment he becomes independent. The major drawback of the natives is that they are short-tempered and stubborn. His professional life will be full of challenges and will settle down only when he is 50. He is a hard worker and will not yield to desires easily. Even in his darkest periods, he will not forget to be generous and charitable to poor and downtrodden.
His conjugal life will be smooth, but he will not receive any help from siblings or mother. He will not face any significant health problems but will be plagued by minor issues like stomach problems.

Woman's Characteristics

Oversensitivity and jealousy mark the dominant characteristics of women born under Jyestha. She is organized and maintains her household and professional life in order if she is one. Most of the Jyeshta born women prefer to contribute to their husband's professional success, staying behind screens.
She will have difficulty in bearing children and will lead a troubled life. Her husband is her only solace. Care should be taken while interacting with people surrounding her since they are always ready to poison her mind and life. The female natives are prone to uterus problems, prostate gland enlargement, or pain in hands and shoulder.
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