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Knowing Krishna Part-3 :

Kids do are or should be naughty. Their acts at childhood is adorable but at times parents do gets upset whilst handling them. The kid god was indeed the naughtiest at Gokulam. From stealing butter to hiding clothes of gopikas while they take bath, every possible deeds children does to let down parents was done by lord.

Lets take an upside down on this, we do see stories of prodigies very day, kids with exceptional IQ and the categorization of gifted children. But kid god was never a prodigy neither extra-ordinary, he was just another normal kid.

If we think is a forward logic, kid God should have exhibited unexceptional talent during childhood. Talking big stuffs hard for common man to grip or being a popular rebel reforming the community. Nothing of that sort happened, more or less, he was just another child who loved to roam and play.

Now-days parents desire their kids to grow ahead of time mentally and physically, ensure they never fall back in this era of technological race. Could there be such parents at Dwapara yuga?

The question seems perplexing, but how can parents be different, they always care irrespective of time and space, kids mean the world to them.

So there would be that intrinsic crave to make their child the best .

But the difference was that then values were taught initially and this is something children of present age is deprived off.

At certain points , the deeds of kid Krishna was beyond control, this is something every parents experience with their kids. God’s parents were no different. Society complained about kid Krishna and companions pioneering in all kinds of mischief.

Enraged Yasodha, mother of Lord, once tied him to a heavy immovable object but never ever indulged in corporal punishments. This part is relevant as there was a period it was believed that sparing the stick will spoil the child. Mythology suggests that god moved despite being tied , it may or may not have happened, but the method of punishment happens to be ‘time out’, which is highly recommended correction method currently suggested by child psychologists. She just gave kid god enough time to think about his deed by making him feel lonely. AT present, this could have been sending kid to a lone room for sometime tothink about and cool off or making child stand facing wall for sometime until they catch the rhythm back.

But they are children, they learn but still they will do what they feel without a control driven by impulses. In Gokulam, everywhere their smiles echoed, their mischief’s minted and govardhana giri Krishna leelas will continue.


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