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Varamahalakshmi Decoration Ideas at Home 2023: Pooja Procedure, Materials Required

Varamahalakshmi Decoration Ideas at Home 2023

Are you excited for Varamahalakshmi Decoration Ideas at home for 2023 ? Then you are at the right place. Varamahalakshmi Festival is a Hindu ritual to appease the Goddess Lakshmi, she is the wife of Lord Vishnu one of the Hindu trinity. She is the one who affords blessings to the devotees. This festival is […]

Must Buy Diwali Decor Items List for Home and Office

The festival of light is a beautiful occasion to bring positivity and bonding and is a widely celebrated festival in India, transcending religious borders. The word Deepavali finds its origins in Sanskrit, meaning rows of lighted diyas. Going by the Hindu calendar, Deepavali falls on the fifteenth days of the Karthika month, i.e., either in […]

Indoor & Outdoor Water Fountain Types and Decorative Ideas

Water. Splashing waves. Dropping droplets. Flowing streams. Moonlit lakes. Everything holds a dear memory. The word – water, brings a smile when you think of scorching heat that summer brings in, now that it’s around the corner. Available abundantly in Nature, water is one of the primary sources of life.  The fact that water is essential […]

Diwali Decoration Ideas with Creative Rangolis, Torans, Candles, Wall Paintings

Diwali is a famous and most awaited festival in Hinduism. Diwali is a festival of lights. During those days people like to decorate their houses with different types of Diya’s, lights, rangoli’s, toran’s, wall paintings, etc. Lighting lamps have special significance on Diwali day. Here we are providing some Diwali decoration ideas with different items. […]

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Decoration Ideas

The most important and awaited festival is Ganesh Chaturthi. The Ganesh festival creates a colorful and full of a fun atmosphere. The whole country celebrates the Ganesh Chaturthi occasion with extreme zest. Lord Ganesh is said to be extremely jovial and simple at heart. So it doesn’t take much time to please lord, Ganesh. Every year […]

Unique and Creative Pooja Thali Decorations Ideas

Puja thali is also known as the pooja plate, used to keep the puja accessories. We are using during any occasion or rituals. The Hindu household arranging pooja thali during rituals in commonly, during the festivals, functions, and marriage, particularly in Hindu people decorating when performing puja, fasting, Traditional welcome from the thali set in new person or […]

Latest Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs for Home, Office and Commercial Places

Nowadays Wooden Puja Mandir can be seen at every Indian home. Not only homes, but also workplaces, hospitals, schools, colleges, and institutions. Each Indian has its place of devoting the Gods or Goddess. Puja mandir permits favourableness and peace at home. It is very important in our daily life, so we can’t put it anywhere, we have […]