Captivating Channapatna Toys: Where Tradition Meets Sustainable Fun

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Channapatna Toys, handcrafted wonders from India. These eco-friendly delights, carved from the ivory-wood of the Wrightia tinctoria tree, boast a rich history dating back centuries. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted with vibrant vegetable dyes, bringing mythological characters, animals, and playful dolls to life.


Channapatna Toys

Wooden Stacking Ring Set


Channapatna is in the outskirts of Bengaluru also refers to as the land of toys for a decade now. Channapatna is famous for manufacturing and selling complex wooden dolls and art pieces. The amazing art concedes the World Trade Center as a Geographical Sign.

The history behind Channapatna toys

The origin of Channapatna wooden toys lies in the period of Tipu sultan. He was the ruler of Mysore and a great adorer of wooden toys. Tipu Sultan invites artisans from Persia to teach local artisans about the process. 

Artists of Channapatna still follow the traditional method of accomplishing these toys. The artisans are very particular about the specific wood called Ivory wood to make toys. They rarely use other woods like sandalwood, rosemary, teak, pine, cedar wood, and rubber.

Today's Condition of Channapatna Toys 

The wooden toys also called lacware toys as artisans use lac to make them. For almost two centuries, the artisans produced wooden dolls for the domestic market. The emergence of Chinese toys lowered its market for these toys.

Yet, the fortune is turning towards the town because of niche toy makers. They focus on lacware, designers, and e-commerce websites to make toys popular & contemporary. Karnataka Handmade Development Corporation with the State government takes initiative for artisans.  They support and provide a market to around 2000 Channapatna artisans

The unique feature of Channapatna Toys

There are certain amazing features that add beauty and a luxurious look to your house

  • Channapatna wooden toys put on a contemporary appeal to buyer’s home
  • It helps in beautifying the decor and interiors of the house
  • The dazzling colors and flexibility adds to the versatile wooden sculptures and carvings ChannaPatna toys
  • Wooden carving that hangs would spring a sense of antiquity into the purchaser’s house
  • Great to indulge children during the story and playtime
  • Eye-catchy replica with affordable rates
  • Safe for environment
  • Long Durability compared to plastic toys

The procedure of making Channapatna toys

It is interesting to know how they create those beautiful wooden toys in a small scale business. The Channapatna toy Industry hired professional men and women.  They are experts in carving gorgeous sculptures in the comfort of their homes.

Search the wood:The foremost stage of making toys is searching for the best and right wood. The wood includes sandalwood, pine, ivory, and teak around the State.

Sun Bathe the Wood:As the wood is seasonal, they need to air-dry it to reduce the moisture. This process helps in increasing the durability of the wood.

Develop moulid:The wood needs to cut into required sizes and shapes to sculpt them to perfection. This process turned into machine work rather than manual.

Trustworthy Settings:They checked the semi-finished product for the smallest protruding pieces.  Then they leveled up by using sandpaper. The perfect shaped artifacts than lacquered for a glossy and polished appearance.

Play with paint :These wooden art pieces are then painted with natural and vibrant dyes.  They use kumkum powder for red, turmeric for yellow, and vegetables for various colors. These artifacts are safe for children and non-toxic because of their natural colors.

Government initiative for Channapatna Toys

The Government-owned handicraft store upscales the production and sale of toys in bulk. The Lacquerware Craft Complex runs around 32 lathe machines to enhance the product. These machines are set up by the government.

The government rescued the Business

Channapatna toys start losing their market due to the Chinese product. Their low pricing places higher stakes in the market. That was the time when the Karnataka Government initiated in gaining momentum Worldwide.

Support Artisans

The collaboration of the Karnataka-Dutch Government introduced a scheme called Viswa. The motto is to provide finances on a Global pedestal to the artisans. The collaboration of the Karnataka-Dutch Government introduced a scheme called Viswa. The motto is to provide finances on a Global pedestal to the artisans. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the rich heritage of local toys in our country and calling for entrepreneurs to “team up for toys” .

NGO supports

A Bengaluru based NGO, Maya Organics established to promote the delicate Channapatna art

The initiative by Bengaluru Airport Food Festival

During the Food festival, they put an offer for the passengers. Whoever buys the food for more than INR 300, will receive a Channapatna doll as a gift. Later in 2015 Channapatna toys was the theme for Bangalore Republic Day Parade

Where to buy Channapatna Toys

Channapatna is famous for toy sets, home decor, and office utensils. They are perfect for children to use and long-lasting. Channapatna toys help in creating a learning and safe environment for the kid.  Natural colors on wood provide a sense of safety. 

Channapatna toys range covers all varieties of finishing options.  They believe in providing the best and safe product to earn the customer loyalty as a priority. Their product has a special design for each age-group in the society. The range includes movable, puzzles and games, educational, kitchenware, and jewelries etc.

Channapatna Toys takes a lead in the retail marketplace.  They make a collaboration of traditional and innovative toys according to customer needs. It connects manufacturer and consumer that lower the cost of the product in the market.

One can buy these amazing products of Channapatna toys from different online stores. They have an official presence on internet from where the person can buy the products.

The products are also available on different Government stores of artifacts. These products hold their own importance and a tradition mixed with innovative ideas.


Channapatna Toys is here to revive the beauty of nature and is safe for children in all aspects. People should buy it as they are multipurpose products. The toys can help in learning process of a kid and can also beautify the house.