List of Powerful Yantras with Meaning and Benefits

List of Powerful Yantras with Meaning and Benefits

What are yantras? How is it useful?

Generally, Yantras are machines, they are used to worship the Navagrahas, elements, gods and goddesses in homes or at a temple. In Hinduism, each deity has a specific yantra. Usually, yantras are used for embellishing of house entrances and temple floors. Each deity yantra has its own significance. These yantras are used for gaining success, wealth, power, and to get protection from evil forces and negative energies. These sacred yantras are instruments to increase human life in various dimensions. Each yantra is made for specific purposes. There are various kinds of yantras like a simple triangle, upward facing triangle, downward-facing triangle, mixed triangle yantra, etc. According to ancient scriptures, these yantras represent the divinities and cosmic powers. The word meaning of Yantra is ‘Yam’ means to sustain, element or concept. And ‘Tra’ means Expansion. It is one of the aspects of Tantra and works for the picture of a deity.

How to use Yantras in Meditation

Create one holy space where you can sit daily in your house. Select the yantra, according to what energy you would like to get into your life. Your selected yantra can support you to get that energy. According to your eye level place the yantra on a table and place one candle in front of the yantra. Then light the candle and focus your eyes on the flame for 7 minutes and try to do blink your eyes. Focus all your intention and attention on gaining the energy of that yantra into your life. This type of meditation practice is known as Tratika. There are more various techniques we can use when it comes to meditation. By invoking the energies of the yantras into your life, it aids to strengthen the aura, increases concentration and focus. This mediation practice is recommended to do for 21 days.


Kuber Yantra

Lakshmi Kuber Yantra


Lakshmi Yantra

Sri Ashta Lakshmi Yantra


Types of Yantras

Generally, we have 56 Yantras and they have miracle benefits. Usually, Yantras are defined as visual mantras. From ancient days onwards, these yantras are used to remove the malefic effects of the evil and strengthen to positive powers. List of yantras are described below.

1. Sri Yantra for learning, wisdom, creativity, finance, beauty, spiritual enrichment

2. Mahalaxmi Yantra For wealth

3. Kamla Yantra For wealth

4. Kanakdhara Yantra For Gold and wealth

5. Gayatri Yantra for energy

6. Durga Beesa Yantra To get rid of miscellaneous problems

7. Navdurga Yantra For power, triumph, success

8. Saraswati Yantra for Education, intelligence, creativity

9. Kali Yantra To get triumph

10. Tara Yantra For eloquence and wealth

11. Bhuvaneswari Yantra To get power

12. Chhinamasta Yantra For removing the evil impact of Rahu

13. Bagalamukhi Yantra For victory over enemies

14. Tripurbhairavi Yantra For self-control and triumph

15. Dhoomavati Yantra To remove sadness, sorrow, tragedy, disease, poverty

16. Matangi Yantra Married life, musical expertise

17. Gita Yantra For success

18. Panchanguli Yantra good for astrologers for acquiring predictive powers

19. Ganesh Yantra For Prosperity

20. Swastik Ganesh Yantra For Good Luck

21. Hanuman Yantra For power, dominance, prosperity.

22. Vahan Durghatana Nashak Yantra For protection from road accidents/mishaps

23. Askarsan Yantra For attraction

24. Vashikaran Yantra To attract your beloved

25. Love enhancement Yantra (Prem Vriddhi Yantra) For increasing love and affection between husband-wife or lover/beloved.

26. Sukh Samriddhi Yantra For family happiness

27. Santan Gopal Yantra For the desired offspring

28. Shubh Labh Yantra For gains

29. Vyapar Vridhi Yantra For acquiring success in business

30. Kuber Yantra For wealth

31. Mahamrityunjay Yantra To get rid of diseases, fear of death and grave dangers

32. Maha Sudarshan Yantra Protection from enemies

33. Ram Raksha Yantra Protection from enemies

34. Kaalsarp Yantra To ward off obstacles, difficulties in life.

35. Matsya Yantra For clearing Vastu faults

36. Vastu Yantra Yantra to get rid of Vastu ill effects from a place of work/residence

37. Surya Yantra For good health

38. Mangal Yantra For quick results

39. Buddha Yantra For intelligence

40. Brihaspati Yantra For power and authority

41. Shukra Yantra For happy married life

42. Shani Yantra To avoid conflicts or losses

43. Rahu Yantra To get benefit from a foreign land

44. Ketu Yantra For success

45. Navgrah Yantra For prosperity

46. Sampoorna Sri Yantra For wealth, prosperity, health, beauty, success

47. Sampoorna Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra Very effective for getting success in business

48. Sampoorna Vidya Dayak Yantra Education, intelligence, creative, speech

49. Sampoorna Badhamukti Yantra To overcome all sorts of obstacles and troubles

50. Sampoorna Rognashaka Yantra To overcome all diseases

51. Sampoorna Kaalsarp Yantra To Kaalsarp dosha, Vastu faults, and Pitra Dosha

52. Sampoorna Vastu Dosh Nivaran To remove all complicated Vastu faults

53. Sampoorna Navgraha Yantra To remove the impact of all planets

54. Sampoorna Mahalaxmi Yantra For getting wealth, prosperity

55. Sampoorna Karya Siddhi Yantra To bestows success in accomplishing all sorts of tasks.

56. Chandra Yantra For gain of knowledge

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