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Dattatreya yantra is used to worship and offer prayers to Lord Dattatreya. He is considered as the guru of all gurus and is also known as the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He resembles three heads as “Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh” and offering prayers to this yantra blesses us with the supreme powers of all gods. It is highly revered by Hindus and is assumed to give us the benefits of all four vedas.

  1.  Place this yantra facing towards east or north and get maximum benefit from it.

Significance of Dattatreya Yantra

  1. It gives knowledge, health, prosperity and wealth.
  2. Reciting the dattatreya yantra 21 or 108 times daily instills us with positivity and wealth.

Mantra for Dattatreya Yantra

" Om Dram Dattatreya Namaha "


1. What is the specialty of Dattatreya Yantra?

This power Dattatreya yantra is lord of guru and it generates positive energy and gives gift blessing to the devotee.

2. How to Use the Dattatreya Yantra?

The yantra is cosmic organize energy of nature. While using yantra first you can install auspicious place and wash with pure milk and water, put sandal paste dots to the yantra, light the candle to yantra finally, done puja for the yantra.