Knowing Krishna Part-2

Period of maternity is always delightful for parents, the exciting wait for the opening cry of kin who carries their legacy to end of times. Yet, certain amount of anticipation is also associated with child-birth. Stigma surrounding birth is not fresh, its been prevailing then and in case of God’s birth,escalations did hit roof.

The antagonist was Kamsa who happens to be uncle of Krishna. The prophecy that left him sleepless for years was curse that successor of his sister is destined to eradicate evil forces. Before baby god survived, six siblings of him were killed by the evil king Kamsa. But however after a series of well incognito planning and execution , baby escaped to Gokula where kid Krishna lived his mischievous childhood.

Every parent wants their child to intrinsically perfect in complexion, height and weight ,so that relatives can cherish and be proud about successful transmission of superior genes that earmarks certain distinctive traits of family. What about the complexion of baby God ?

It could have been white with features leveled to phi-ratio as considered elite by fashion industry .But god’s skin color was blue-black and he was just another common human being.

Many theories was put forward regarding his strange complexion . Some stress that black signifies cosmic beauty within universe as seen in space and black-holes. Or could it be signifying something complicated like god’s omnipresence or limitlessness. Theories are many and majority of them did come out with a holy or superhuman framework. Let us analyse standing in our soil where people build wall based on color- the inferior blacks and superior whites. Its unclear whether racism existed then, but chances are that it may ,because humans are intrinsically designed with an unquiet psyche that cannot stop comparing oneself with peers. For the moment, the idea of blue-black complexion of most revered and favoured incarnation might be meant to stand against the concept of racism . God itself was born and lived as black, conquering fantasies of 16,100 girlfriends and did a lot of heroic deeds setting perfect example to look upon for generations.

Its never about complexion or ethnicity, its always deeds that gets registered in history of mankind forever.

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