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Mangal yantra is the yantra of planet mars or mangal which is governed by sun. Praying this yantra bestows us with the power of mars as well as sun and makes our wishes to be fulfilled. Observing fasts for 21 days and offering prayers on each 21 Tuesdays gives love, health, wealth, care and prosperity in life.  

  • Mangal yantra is specially made up of 22k gold sheet and is embossed on a copper sheet.
  • It must be placed in East or North direction on Tuesdays to get its maximum benefits.

Significance of Mangal Yantra

  • It helps one to gain success in his/her married life by establishing conjugal relationship among the two.
  • Offering prayers to this yantra removes the malefic effects of planet mars from ones birth charts.

Mantra for Mangal Yantra

" Om Krung Kreeng Krong sa Bhamaye Namah "


1. Which day and timings I want to worship this hanuman yantra?

Saturday and Tuesday is the most suitable day to worship the Lord Hanuman.

2. How many working days product will deliver?

Not approximately it depends on the product.

3. How many times mantra will chant?

For hanuman yantra we should chant 21000 times mantra.