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Ketu yantra represents planet Ketu who is also known as the malefic planet. This planet remains in the life of an individual for 1.5 years and makes a bad effect but worshiping Ketu mantra instills wisdom, intellect, good health, and prosperity. Ketu yantra may cause “mantra dosha” in the horoscope of an individual which may lead to negativities but worshiping it gives some relief and helps to fight all kind of odds in one's life.

Significance of Ketu Yantra

  1. It helps in good marriage and successful conjugal life of couples.
  2. It protects an individual from snake bites and effects of poison.

Mantra for Ketu Yantra:

" Om hreem ketave namah "


1. Why Ketu Yantra?

Ketu Yantra is to appease the planet of Ketu and it helps to remove the malefic effects. Generally, the Ketu yantra helps to success in life, business, overcome the enemies and release from the marriage obstacles. By worshiping of Ketu yantra it brings neutralize the malefic effect. 

2. Mantra to chant Ketu Yantra?

mantra for ketu ‘yantraOm Ketave Namaha’

3. Where I should place Ketu yantra in-home/office/shop?

You can hang the yantra at the entrance top of the door of the home, office, and shop.