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This yantra is worshiped to offer prayers to the almighty Lord Ganesha. He is the obstacle remover as his names are also pronounced as “Vighnaharta”. Lord Shiva himself blessed him to be prayed before starting any new venture in life and is highly praised and believed by all. It is made up of various geometric patterns and contains Lotus leaves, circle, shatkon, Bindu, and triangles.

  1. Placing this yantra in East direction facing towards the west is the most appropriate location to place it.
  2. It is really auspicious to place this yantra near the main door of the house as it welcomes positivity and good energies inside the house and fades away negativities present inside it.

Significance of Ganesh Yantra

  1. It is an immense source of Ganesha power and love and worshiping it removes obstacles form life. It gives success in all ventures of one's life.
  2. Ganesha is known for his wisdom and thus imparts our good fortune and intellect.


1. When and who worship this Ganesha yantra?

This scared energy devises worship on Sankasti Chaturthi. 

2. Mantra for ganesh yantra? How many times mantra will chant?

Om Gum Ganapathaye Namaha this mantra for lord Ganesha and the mantra will chant 4000 for the Ganesha yantra to get good results.

3. What is the importance of ganesh yantra?

However, the worshiping yantra process followed by the ancient Shastras. The Lord Ganesha yantra provides the wisdom of knowledge, production from the evil enemies or spirit, it helps to enhance success.