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Lord Shiva is one of the trinities who is supposed to take care of the world creations. Mahadeva is responsible for maintaining the circle of destruction and recreation. 

A wide range of Shiva lockets is available at the pujaNpujari online shopping portal. The pendants are beautifully handcrafted to cater to individual choices. The range of lockets is available in gold and silver, depicting their values and essence. These beautiful and diverse series of Shiva lockets can be worn along with red or black threads, or with silver or golden chains.

The devotion people carry towards Mahadev is often depicted in the form of pendants. The popularity of various types 'Shiva pendant' is immense, and his devotees love to adorn it. It not only depicts the love but also a devotees loyalty towards their favorite deity.

Different types of Shiva pendants

There are various types of Shiva Pendants available with us. It is prevalent for Mahadevas devotees to wear Shiva lockets. There are numerous beautiful designs of the Mahadeva's pendants, in his various forms.

  • Rudraksha Pendant: Rudraksha depicts Lord Rudra. His devotees wear rudraksha with a lot of reverence and respect for the god himself. Its healing properties are so well known that devotees follow a strict routine if they are wearing one.
  • Shivling locket: It brings peace, prosperity, and success in individual life and helps in getting rid of all the problems in life. 
  • Dancing shiva locket: Wearing this Pendant will provide you with good health and helps you in recovering long-term ailments.
  • Om shiva locket: Lord Shiva all-powerful himself when embedded with the all-encompassing Om, the pendant becomes more powerful. 
  • Golden plated Shiva Trishul pendant: Trishul is Lord shivas weapon. It is said that having his weapon is equivalent to having Lord's protective shield around you. Adding healing properties of the gold to it, the pendant not only acts as both a protective and healing shield.
  • Narmada Shiva lingam: This stone is obtained Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh and is believed to bring all the luck to an individual. This pendant brings you prosperity and health and helps you in getting rid of all the problems in your life. 

Why should you buy Shiva pendants with pujaNpujari?

  • Every piece of jewelry that we make is certified for authenticity and are available at reasonable prices.
  • The pendants are a great gifting option to your friends, family, and relatives on various occasions like Birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc.
  • We have pendants made of Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Silver, Metal, Aluminium, Brass.
  • The pendants are a reflection of inner self-devotion to the Lord. Hence our craftsmen ensure to bring you the best quality pendants.
  • Our online shopping portal offers great discounts on each specialized pendant to wish you the best.
  • We ship your product throughout India. Place your orders on our shopping portal and look forward to getting your priced Shiva Pendants in a beautifully wrapped package.

So order the pendants for yourself or your loved ones today, and feel closer to the Lord himself.