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Buy Dhumawati Yantra Online In India @Puja N Pujari

Devi dhumawati is the goddess of darkness and negative forces existing in this universe. She is known as ALakshmi and is worshiped by her devotees in lone places or cemeteries bare bodied. Placing and worshiping this yantra at home or any place helps fight black magic forces and negativities from ones life.

  1. It must be placed in East direction facing towards the west so that it can spread its positivity where ever placed.  

Significance of Dhumawati Yantra

  1. It makes one mentally stable and removes any kind of physical disabilities.
  2. It also gives courage, bravery and mental as well as physical strength.

Mantra for Dhumawati Yantra

" Dhung dhung dhumawati tha tha "


1. Benefits of installing Dhumavathi Yantra?

The dhumavathi yantra described as a teacher and this yantra helps to get production from the evil force, evil eyes and reducing the sorrow, tragedy. It helps to the upliftment of spiritual.

2. If I worship Dumavathi Yantra will get quick positive results?

Sure, by worshiping you can get quick positive results from the Dhumavathi yantra.