Indoor Decorative Plant Pots

Round Design Indoor Flower Pot


One of the easiest and eco-friendy way to promote faster healing abilities and increase peace and promote wealth and prosperity is to grow plants. 
In the current situation where people have cramped living spaces doing so might be difficult. Hence, to ease and relieve your tensions, there are various low-maintenance indoor plants that experts suggest one can tend to. Once you grow more comfortable growing plants and have them around, you can opt for more exotic plants.
To save up space, you can find garden pots of beautiful shapes and different sizes that can brighten up your living spaces. You can now see and order them online from trustworthy portals, such as Puja N Pujari.

Best pots for indoor plants

A good quality garden pot helps you to take care of your plants. Space and personal preference are essential aspects that differ with the kind of pots you choose for your balcony garden. Keep in your mind that every plant is unique. So, decide what type of plant should go in a particular type of garden pot. You can set a combination of texture, colour, and size when looking to buy garden pots from an online shopping store.
Because you can use the pots for indoor and outdoor gardening, you need to make sure they fit well in your space. For example, some plants grow fast, even in smaller pots. Sometimes you may want to maintain a small size for your plants and don't allow them to grow. Therefore, matching the right kind of plant with the garden pot is very important.
Knowing your interiors and plants is the best way to choose the best pots for indoor plants. For example, the lucky bamboo shoots need a comparatively small container to hold water and the plants. Usually, ceramic, mud, or porcelain pots with a flat base make perfect plant holders if you don't have kids at home. If you have them at home, we suggest having decorative plastic pots since they are no easily breakable.

Easy Ways to choose the decorative indoor pots

There is no hard and fast rule for you to choose decorative indoor pots, though you can consider a few suggestions while choosing the right plant.
Identify the place where you want to grow your plant.

  • Guage the amount of sunlight the plant can get.
  • Consider the space you can allot to the indoor pot. You cannot have a massive container in a tiny area.
  • You can even get pots that match your interior's colours to give the room an even tone.
  • Talk to professional gardeners and get to know the size up to which your indoor plants can grow. While you buy your pot, you need to take this into account.
  • If you have limited space and cannot buy pots that can be kept on the ground or table, consider wall-mounting pots. The wall mounting pots also come in beautiful shapes.

Tips to Maintain the Interior Plant Pots

With the plants' regular watering, the pots can become dirty and fragile if not appropriately maintained over a period. Here is the listing of information you need to know about maintaining interior pant pots.

  • The plants need to be fertilized, and the soil needs to be loosened at least once a month. When you do that, make sure to clean your pots under running water.
  • Salination is standard, with most of the metropolitan areas receiving hard water. One of the easiest ways to de-salinate a mud-pot is to wipe it with a cloth now and then. Ceramic and Porcelain pots take a longer time to exhibit salination. You can wash them using water liquid detergents once in a way.
  • Keep the indoor plants away from direct sunlight since it increases wear and tear.
  • Do not try to alter the plant pots on your own unless you know to handle them well.
  • Do not exert pressure on the pots when trying to re-soil or fertilize the plants.
  • You can use a plant mover or use felt pads, which are available in different online stores, to move or place your pots.
  • Get rid of the harmful bacteria affecting the plants.
  • If you are unsure of how to handle plants, consider taking professional advice on the same.

Different shapes of Indoor Plants Offered by Puja N Pujari

Puja N Pujari has various pots suited for all types of environments, whether you are growing plants indoors, decorating your garden balcony, or beautifying your office space. You can use the pots for both outdoor and indoor decorations.
We have the best designs of garden pots to suit different style preferences. On top of that, our pots are well-crafted with superior quality materials, making them durable and last for a longer time. Puja N Pujari can help you with your need for growing flowers or vegetables in pots. We have pots made of ceramic, terracotta, clay, plastic. You can choose the plant holders based on your needs.
Some of the popular Indoor pots at our online shopping portal are:

  • Round design indoor flower pot is apt for growing small flowering cactus.
  • The green tortoise garden pot looks elegant on your coffee table and window sills.
  • Thinking girl garden pot will go well on your study and work tables and remind you to have your thinking hats when trying to find solutions.
  • Buddha face garden pot promotes serenity and often finds a place near puja mandir and meditation room.

Choose from a range of modern garden pots and flower pots from India's most reputed online shopping store, Puja n Pujari. You can find various pots in different sizes and colours that cater to your exact needs. With our quality decorative items, you can transform your living spaces into extraordinary homes at affordable rates. Browse through our collection of pots and plants and order them today to spread positivity and smiles.