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Maa Baglamuki is the eight goddesses of the divine form of “Mahavidyas” or wisdom goddesses. She is a source of immense strength and power and destroys her enemies through her warmth and fieriness. Placing this yantra on any spiritual day on a wooden altar and a yellow piece of cloth energizes our house with her divinity and helps us fight any kind of odds in this universe.

It is especially drawn with turmeric and datura flower on a bhoj patra to offer prayers to the goddess but nowadays it is also carved on copper, gold or silver sheets.

Significance of Baglamukhi Yantra

1.Baglamukhi Yantra helps fight evil forces and remove negativity from one's       life.

2. It protects us from any accidents and court cases.

Mantra for Baglamukhi Yantra

"Om hireem baglamukhi sarvdustanaam vacham mukham padam stambhaya jihvaam keelaya budheem vinashaya hireem om swaha"


1. Where it will be installed?

The auspicious direction of East is suitable to install the yantra and entrance of the home, shop, puja room, and workplace.

2. Who will worship this Bagalamukhi Yantra?

Marriage women will worship the Bagalamukhi yantra