Overcome all Fears in Life with Shiva Panchankshari Mantra

According to the Hinduism, Shiva Panchankshari Mantra is a famous stostra in the devotional literature. This mantra for praising to Lord Shiva. In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is most revere god meanwhile, he has the unique potent mantra of NAMA SHIVAYA. Nevertheless, this mantra covers all heaven celestial bodies and to get bliss.

Hindu God Mahadev, the creator of the entire universe is widely regarded as the beginning and end of each and every creation. Chanting Shiva Panchankshari Mantra has the power to overcome all the fears in life. One who chant shiv manthra with dedication its sure he will success and prosperity in each step of his life.

The Panchakshara meaning 5 letters – Na, Ma, Si, Va and Ya. It can be chanted in the form of Shiva Mantra as "Om Namah Shivaya" and becomes one of the most powerful mantra in the whole universe. It gives a positive vibration not only to the mind of the person who chants instead it creates a good atmosphere all around the area. The panchakshara has the 5 elements of nature present in it. They are:

  1. Na – Prithvi (Earth)
  2. Ma – Jal (Water)
  3. Si – Agni (Fire)
  4. Va – Vayu (Air)
  5. Ya – Akasha (Sky/Space)

    These five holy letters are praising to Lord Shiva, and also energized physical, spiritual and emotional. Worldly, this mantra is the best powerful Mantra for the Moksha.

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