The voyage around Ramayana

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The voyage around Ramayana

The Incarnation story of Bhagavan Vishnu as Lord Ram is narrated in more than 300 versions across the world. Even though every narration is unique in its own way, the essence of the story is directed towards Moola Ramayana, narrated by Maharshi Narada. Let’s go on a voyage around the fascinating facts of Ramayana: the mystery, the characters, and the places. 

From the ancient places of Ramayana to modern India

1. Ayodhya The Wonder Land

The city founded by Manu, Ayodhya served as the glorious capital of the Ikshvaku dynasty. This legendary city witnessed the adolescence of four Dasharatha sons. The story of the city of Ayodhya takes us back to the Kingdom of Kosala. The Putra Kamesthi Yajna blessed King Dasharatha with four legendary sons, Ram, Bharath, Lakshman, and Shatrugan. This auspicious event is now marked as Rama Navami, the birth of Lord Ram. Thus Ayodhya has become an integral part of the devotional earnestness of the Ram Bhakths. The present architectural marvel, Ram Mandir, Uttar Pradesh attracts lakhs of devotees every day.

The city founded by Manu

How to visit Ayodhya/ Ram Mandir?

You can fly to the Maharishi Valmiki International Airport to reach Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. If you are travelling by train book the tickets to Ayodhya Junction Railway Station. Ayodhya connects to all the major cities of India if you are planning to visit by road.

2. Panchavati For Sita Haran

The very famous Nashik of Maharastra, known as Paanchavati in the epic evidenced the waul of Maa Sita. This is the place where the story took a major turn. The anger of rejection of love from Lord Ram and nose deformation by Lakshmana paved the way for Sita Haran.

Panchavati For Sita Haran

How to visit Panchavati/ Nashik?

If you are planning to visit this garden of five Banyan trees you can travel by road as it is well connected with all the major cities. You can fly to Nashik International Airport, Ojhar, Maharashtra or you can also opt for Nashik Road railway station for a comfortable visit.

3. Hampi The bedrock of Kishkindhya Kanda

Hampi the spire of architectural marvel, is known for the beauty of temples, nurturing Pampa Sarovar, and rich mythological heritage. This UNESCO heritage center welcomes a huge number of pilgrims, as this is the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Hampi named Kishindha in the Ramayana, ignited the search for Maa Sita with the strength of the Vanara Sena.

How to visit Hampi?

Hospet Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Hampi from where you can cover the 13 KM distance by road. Vijayanagar Airport is the closest or else Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru also serves the purpose with 6 hours of road travelling. You can also plan a road trip to Hampi.

4. Rameswaram The bridge between Sia and Ram 

The epic beach town of Tamil Nadu proudly presents one of the architectures of love the Ram Setu. Ramanathaswamy temple in the centre of the town gained its importance among the Shaivas and Vaishnavas as it is associated with both Shiva and Rama. This pilgrimage town is also one in Chardham, the Jyotirlinga blessing the devotees seeking peace in life.

Rameswaram The bridge between Sia and Ram (1)

How to visit Rameswaram?

Flying to Madurai Airport or Chennai Airport is convenient. Mandapam station serves best for the railway passengers. A road trip to Rameshwaram will be fun-filled.

The Ramayana You Don’t Know.

We Indians with due respect to the epic, follow the path of dharma narrated in the story. We admire the characters of Ramayana. One may love the principles of Lord Ram, whereas the other follows the inspiring character of Ravana, keeping the negative shade apart. One may love the bravery of Lord Hanuman, the other may be inspired by the nature of Maa Sita. In this blog let us know some interesting facts about the characters of Ramayana. 

Who are Ram, Lakshman, Bharath, and Shatrugan?

The legend says Ram is the incarnation of the Lord Maha Vishnu, whereas the Aadishesha the divine serpent was born as Lakshman. The Shankha and Sudarshan Chakra incarnated as Shatrughan and Bharath respectively.

Who are Ram, Lakshman, Bharath, and Shatrugan

Shantha, the first born of Dasharatha. 

Kousalya, the mother of Lord Ram, gave birth to a baby girl, who was adopted by Romapada the King of Angadesha. Shantha was later married to Rishi Shringa, after whom the mountain Shringeri was named.  This place is famous for the Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham, established by Adi Shankaracharya.

Shantha, the first born of Dasharatha

Was Ravana a good person?

If we dive deep into the whirlpool of the legends it takes us to the doors of Vaikunta. The divine gatekeepers (dvarapalakas) of Narayana, Jaya – Vijaya were once cursed by four kumaras (Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, and Sanatkumara). The curse was to be born on Bhooloka to stay away from Narayana. As a result, Ravana and Khumbakarna were born. Apart from this Ravana was the greatest devotee of Shiva who composed Shiva Tandav Strotram, a great warrior, musician, pandit of Vedas, ayurveda, astrology, and whatnot. Yet we don’t consider him a good person, that’s because he abducted Maa Sita. Or, could it be he did so to go back to Lord Narayana sooner?

Was Ravana a good person

Is Hanuman, brother of Sri Ram?

The birth story of Lord Hanuman is so fascinating, as it takes our attention towards the Putrakamesthi Yajna or Havana. After the Yaga King Dasharath, divided the payasam to Kousalya, Sumitra, and Kaikeyi. Unfortunately, an eagle snatched the payasa kalasa from Sumitra and dropped it near Devi Anjana, who was praying Bhagawan Shankara for a son. This payasam became the reason for the birth of Anjani Putra Hanuman. Parallelly Sumitra who lost her payasa kalasa gave birth to twins as Kousalya and Kaikeyi shared a portion of their payasa with her.

Is Hanuman, brother of Sri Ram

Antima Adhyaya

To a huge population across the world, following the principles of Sri Ram and Ramayana becomes the way of life. These devotees celebrate every festival related to this epic with devotion in abundance. If you are also a Ram Bhakth and looking for the complete details about Ram Navami, Date and Time, Muhurtham, Mantras, Rituals, and Celebration read Everything You Need to Know About Ram Navami 2024 on the PujaNPujari website. If you are in search of an online portal that can fulfill all your Ram Navami Puja Samagri needs, look no further than PujaNPujari. PujaNPujari, your one-stop shop for all puja things, brings you a curated selection of puja samagri for a fulfilling celebration at home. Order conveniently online and receive your puja essentials delivered to your doorstep. Celebrate Ram Navami with the blessings of Lord Rama.


  • What is the time of Darshan in Ayodhya Ram Mandir?

Morning Darshan: Devotees can visit the temple for darshan between 6:30 AM and 12:00 PM.

Darshan Closed: The temple is closed for darshan between 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM. After Noon Darshan: Darshan resumes in the afternoon and continues from 2:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

  • What is the best time to visit Hampi?

Hampi is generally pleasant from October to March. However, the “best” time depends on your preferences. If you are planning to visit Hampi during the summer holidays, avoid afternoons as the temperature may reach 40° C. 

  • Is Ramayana true?

For Hindus, the Ramayana is not just a story but a sacred text that chronicles the life of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver god in the Hindu trinity. The Ramayana is considered to be an itihasa, a Sanskrit word meaning “that which happened thus,” indicating that Hindus view the events described in the epic as true.

  • Who designed Ram Murti in Ayodhya?

The Ram Lalla murti (idol) in the Ayodhya Ram Mandir was designed by sculptor Arun Yogiraj. He is from Mysore, Karnataka.

  • Who killed Ravana?

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama killed Ravana, the antagonist of the Ramayana, during their titanic fight in Lanka.

  • How old is Rameshwaram bridge?

There is disagreement over the Rameshwaram Bridge’s age. Some people think it’s an older structure, while others think it was built more recently.

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