Everybody’s favourite and last known incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he who enlightened the world through seven hundred slokhas in eighteen chapters rendered right at middle of Kurukshetra war and even million more definitions may not be enough to cover his divine deeds and that too within our transient lifetime and limited perception.

Lord Krishna was born towards the end of dwapara yuga when ‘adharma’ was at its peak. Adharma is a state where people lose their vision to see truth and righteousness, gets deceived by ‘Maya’ and then will be lead by greed, lust and other materialistic desires. By the end of dwapara yuga, three-fourth of population was more or less under the siege of Maya or thirst for materialism. People those followed path of truth and righteousness were suffering, but then it came to a point where their resistance could no longer hold back the explosive rise of insanity. Balance of universe need to has restored and that has to be done by the protector among Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva triad which is Lord Vishnu.

Many would wonder,the reason behind god taking human form and living through the struggles of mortals and getting things done.We unconsciously believe god as capable of literally anything , one who holds the unexplained magic to turn mishaps into fortunes within split seconds. We all do pray three shares per day thinking there is an immortal being controlling the fate of universe watching over blessing us with all its needs and good fortunes jointly protecting mankind from all misfortunes and famines.

Then why all-knowing Almighty took up human form while he has the reach to demolish evil from the entire existence all at once?

A question so significant this is. Lot of compelling answers are being researched and developed by philosophers and extraordinary religious figures of modern as well as ancient times. Yet a solid spill-proof answer is far beyond perception or it is being made unresolved so that only speculations remains and we all in one or other way are deceived to argue in a circle.

It might be because god want us to realize that even he has to go through struggles in establishing dharma or sanity. Being human and attaining everything in one shot without efforts and hardships is impossible, god has not or he purposefully chose not to be, so that entire mankind understands that struggles and misfortunes are included in the exciting package of life along with happiness and achievements. For setting an example through his life for generations to come and derive lessons from it, Lord Vishnu was born as the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva.

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