Essence of Bhagavath Gita

Essence of Bhagavath Gita

Bhagavat Gita, it is a prominent book of Hinduism, according to the Hindu people revere this ancient scripture and is consider religion book. Constantly, this test says life morals, ethic, and dharma.

Regarding the text conveys a way of life and tips for human life. However, the Hindu people believe a Lord Krishna proceed the structure Gita to the Arjuna, he is one of the Pandavas. It is a legend of a literature text conversation between the Arjuna and Lord Krishna. This text addresses the liberation of the human cycle of birth. Thus, it synthesizes three dominant of Enlightenment, Dharma, and devotion to the humankind.

The information of the first chapter of the Gita is this: The root cause of all sorrow and suffering in this world is our inability to deal with conflict. We recognize universal fact shortly, as well as this progress provides personal, professional, ultimately spiritual journeys. This religious book assumed a way of life for the Kali Yuga people. But, it does not teach or compares anyone’s uniqueness violence and nonviolence.

Our experience conflict at three levels is Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. However, the physical level seems to dispute is everywhere, the structure of the mental process connected with thought, and spiritual. It is a way for the guide to the moral life. Generally, humans have disagreements with children, siblings, spouses, bosses, co-workers, state, and country. Therefore, this quarrel deals with human life for need purpose including all situations.

This physical conflict is largely dependent on the state of our minds and thoughts. Generally, the minds always in conflict, principally between our rational side and ego. The human beings have evolved to a point, where they have the power to control of transcend the primitive urges and impulses that also control most animals. These primal motive constitute the ego, the part of our mind that oversimplifies and exaggerates situations and open off the rational part of our mind that can think logically and clearly.

krishna explaining bhagavadgita to arjuna

Arjuna’s rational mind was clear – he was a warrior, and he entered the battlefield to fight a war against the enemy for a just cause and reach justice. However, this book contains exploit the human karma and dharma level.

The lord Krishna plays this Vedic text to the human going many levels non-dharma way. So, this way gives destroy the position.

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