6 Ways to Deal with an Awakening – Forever Conscious


The 6 Signs that show you of your own awakening:
1. Feeling energy will be like learning how to deflect other people who have negative energy in any environment.
2. Trusting your instincts will be easier as your intuition will tell you by how you feel.
3. Health and your body will want to change
4. Release all judgements to all people, places, things, environments, co-workers, family, etc. (learn that everyone is on their own journey and to stop being so concerned with the thoughts and motives of others and becoming more self-conscious.
5. Attachment to all material object just are not important and letting go of the old to bring in the new.
6. Purpose of life will be different as you merge your energy with that of the universe it is not our job nor our title or any labels that matter; life will be acceptance, peace and enjoyment ONLY
If you are conscious you will refuse to be in the past or future you will be in the here and now moments of life. This book is packed with information and resources to help you change the way you think in order to bring true changes in any of your area of life. The key is to become conscious that we are all equal in the universe and to detach from all judgements.

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