Seeing a dead person alive in dream!

seeing dead person alive in dream meaning

Seeing a dead person alive in dream

We come across many nightmares that petrify us out of sleep but seeing Seeing a dead person alive in a dream who has turned into a corpse alive can be scary. Different cultures and religions have discussed death and the afterlife for centuries, each with a unique perspective. Even though death has been a part of life since the beginning, many people still struggle to accept it. Others view it as merely a transition from one life to another and a sign of a fresh start. One thing remains constant regardless of one’s beliefs: A wide range of feelings follow a loved one’s passing. After all, the mere thought of living without that person in this life can be devastating, even if you believe it to be a natural process or a journey to a better place.

What does it mean to see dead person alive in dreams?

Dreaming about a dead person alive in a dream could be a way for the unconscious or even the universe to communicate with you, or it could be your subconscious processing difficult emotions. Neuroscience states that our memories and dreams are strongly linked. Our brain’s amygdala stores and aids in processing our emotional responses. The hippocampus, on the other hand, moves information from short-term to long-term memory.

What causes such dreams?

1) Unresolved issues

According to psychologists, dreaming about the dead person alive can signify unresolved problems that cause guilt and depression. If you have one of these dreams, look inside yourself to see if there are any unfinished tasks. It could also imply that you need to reconcile with certain people.

2) Regrets

Remorse Dreams of loved ones who have passed away may also show remorse that needs to be dealt with. If you feel like you failed the deceased or if you and they were not at peace at the time of their passing, this could be remorse.

On the other hand, it could be a sign of a troubled past or of shortcomings and embarrassment that you believe is preventing you from moving forward. In this instance, your subconscious advises you to let go and seek closure.

3) You miss that person

This is especially true if you frequently think about a loved one who has passed away. This can happen on occasions, functions, or events. Your subconscious is retrieving their memories and creating dreams because you miss their company and wisdom to a greater extent.

4) You need that person’s guidance

This typically occurs when the deceased person is an elder, a mentor, or someone you rely on for advice. You might have to make a difficult choice and long for their guidance or support.

5) You are unable to accept the fate

One of the most common reasons people see dead people alive is that they haven’t made peace with their death. Although you know they are no longer with you, deep down, you still anticipate their charming banter and beautiful smile to greet you. It should be no surprise that you will continue to dream about them because some of you have refused to let go of them.

The dead may be trying to tell you something when we dream of them returning to life. This is dependent on the person’s identity and your relationship with them while they are alive.

The spiritual aspect


Some people refer to the spiritual realm as heaven, while others refer to it as the afterlife. Now comes the difficult part. It is believed that our dream worlds are connected to the unseen realm, which is known as the spiritual world.

This means that our souls can travel into the spiritual world while we dream without realizing it. We will likely interact with dead people when we enter that realm.

As a result, if you dream of someone already dead as being alive, it could indicate that your soul has entered the spiritual realm from the subconscious world. Spiritual guidance says it could be a cosmic warning about the involved person. A death sign may surround them; your prayers are meant to stand in the gap.

Moreover, you will have dreams like this when you are frightened that such an individual could bite the dust. It is held that our thoughts are played out in our minds like movies. Therefore, this may be what your dream meant;

The universe may be preparing you for the worst through this dream. This message comes up very rarely except in rare instances where the individual is ill with a disease like cancer. If you have a dream like this, it’s telling you to get ready for what will happen.

This indicates that you are seeing something other than what you should be seeing. A sign like this indicates that things may not always appear as they do. This means that someone you think is doing well might face many difficulties.


Does Bible have a say on dead person alive in dreams?

These dreams are discussed in quite a detail in the Bible as well. First of all, you should be aware that the Bible forbids communicating with ghosts.During the time that King Saul ruled, this was the only similar incident.

He sought the help of a witch and conjured Samuel’s ghost, which God considered a sin after the holy spirit left him. Therefore, if you have dreams in which a deceased person appears alive, God may tell you to avoid certain negative influences. This is because God cannot possibly communicate with you through this kind of sign.

He is referred to in the Bible as the God of the living, not the dead. According to the Bible, dreaming about dead people is considered a spiritual attack.

Christians do not entertain these kinds of dreams. This is because God’s commandment does not allow for such things. Spiritually, there might be clues to be found. However, according to the Bible, this is not a good sign from God.

Hinduism’s aspect of such dreams.

In Hinduism, a dream about a dead person indicates innocence and purity, as well as your family lineage, generations, and tradition. It would be best if you were more practical. To move forward, you must learn from your mistakes. This dream highlights your animalistic and unrestrained personality.

You are creating a psychological barrier. In Hindu culture, a dream about a dead person can sometimes signify a shield you’ve built to keep yourself from being hurt emotionally. You are preventing others from gaining access to your emotions.

It would help if you didn’t put all your faith in a single individual. This dream indicates that you are powerless to resist. Someone or something significantly squanders your time, energy, or a portion of yourself.

The Astrological aspect

According to researchers, such dreams may occur if you have a close relationship with the deceased. Nevertheless, this is only one of many possible explanations. Many experts, including psychologists, believe that our dreams have hidden meanings. Frequently, they convey a message and reflect our actual experiences.



Dreams can represent many things. A lot of people think that dreams have a significant impact on scientific and religious issues. In Islam, specific dreams and their circumstances can convey both good news and even death information to dreamers. Although some of our dreams originate in our subconscious, they have no significance. One can consult a religious scholar for consolation and better understanding if you have troubled symbolic dreams.

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