Rohini Vrat 2022: Date,Time,Rituals,Significance,History

Rohini Vrat

Of all the 27 nakshatras in the Hindu Vedic calendar, the Rohini nakshatra is one among them. And since time immemorial mainly the women of the Jain community observe fasting on the day of Rohini post sunrise.
The Jain ladies believe that the Rohini vrat would bless their husband with a long and prosperous life. Hence, they stay the whole day without any food for their husband’s prosperity.
Astonishingly, one gets to observe the Rohini Vrat after every 27 days in a year. And annually there comes around 23 to 13 Rohini vrats

Now, let’s have a glimpse on the Rohini Vrat 2022

The Rohini Vrat 2022

The year 2022 is blessed with 13 Rohini Vrats and they are presented as follows-

Date Day Begins END
14th January 2022 Thursday 5:30 PM (13th) 8:18 PM
10th February 2022 Thursday 12:23 AM 03:32 AM (11th)
10th March 2022 Thursday 08:31 AM (9th) 11:30 AM
6th April 2022 Wednesday 04:52 PM (5th) 7:40 PM
3rd May 2022 Tuesday 12:34 AM 3:18 AM (4th)
31st May 2022 Tuesday 5:18 PM 07:32 AM (May 4)
27 June 2022 Monday 01:06 PM (26th) 4:02 PM
24 July 2022 Sunday 7:00 pm (23rd) 11:00 pm
20 August 2022 Saturday 1:53 AM 4:40 am (21st)
17th September- 2022 Saturday 9:55 AM(16th) 12:21 PM
14th October 2022, Friday 6:41 PM (13th) 8:47 pm
10th November 2022 Friday 3:09 AM 5:08 AM (11th)
8th December 2022, Thursday 10:25 am (7th) 12:33 pm

Rohini Vrat Katha or History Of The Rohini Vrat

The Rohini Vrat Katha is associated with King Ashoka and his queen Rohini. Ashoka ruled the mighty kingdom of Hastinapura, but he was unhappy that his wife remained too quiet.

Thus, when one day a sage visited his palace, he forwarded his problem.

The sage then narrated a story:

Long ago, there remained a young lady by the name of Durgandha. She was the daughter of Dhanmitra. As Durgandha didn’t maintain herself well, the father got worried about her future. But, somehow Dhanmitra succeeded in arranging her marriage offering lots of wealth & money. Unfortunately, the man left her after some period.

Once again the father got worried and when a hermit visited his village he sought a solution for her daughter.

The sage narrated that her daughter in her past life committed a mistake. As a result, she is facing misfortune in this life. Durgandha, in her previous life, lived as the queen of king Bhopal. One day, the king invited a sage to his kingdom for a feast. But, his wife unhappily served the food with some odd taste.

Thus, the sage cursed her to death and eventually a place in hell. And now, the queen incarnated as Dhanmitra’s daughter after going through many lives as animals and worms.

So, in order to get over this adversity, she has to observe vrat on every Rohini day. Moreover, she should offer alms to needy people. And finally, after 5 years and 5 months, she lived a happy life.

Accordingly, the sage advised the same thing to King Ashoka and his wife too. And that’s how both of them got away with their worries.

Rohini Vrat And Its Significances

The importance and the essence of the Rohini Vrat lie in the fact that it rewards a long and happy life for the husbands of the Jain women. But it doesn’t mean only the Vrat is limited only for the Jain community. Anyone who wishes to reap the benefits can follow it.

Moreover, it works miracles and brings good luck to whole members of the family too. Also, the vrat helps a person to overcome his misdeeds and come to the right path.

One of the best parts of this vrat is that any member of the family can observe it. And, following it rigorously for 3, 5 or 7 years without any break imparts greater benefits. In addition to this, it’s also said that all your dreams and aspirations will come true through the Rohini Vrat.

And once the Vrat comes to conclusion, you must wrap up with the ‘Udyapan’ ceremony.

Rituals Of Rohini Vrat

The day the Rohini Nakshatra rises is the day when Rohini Vrat starts exactly after the sunrise. And the women begin the ritual with a holy bath early in the morning. Hereafter, they offer prayers to Lord Vasupujya for the wellness and long life of their husbands. 

Besides, reciting of the mantras and reading out the Rohini Vrat Katha forms the main part of the ritual. Alms and donations are offered among the poor on this day. Eventually, the vrat concludes with the beginning of the Mrigashirsha Nakshatra.


The Rohini Vrat is of extreme significance when followed whole heartedly. And if we want to eliminate all our sins and misfortunes we must observe it whole-heartedly. After all it brings happiness and prosperity to the family.



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