Raksha Bandhan – History, Importance & Celebrations

Rakhi Pournami is a very popular festival in India, predominantly among the Hindu's. It’s a special day dedicated to celebrating the beautiful bond of a brother and sister. Also known as Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie "Rakhi" to their brothers as a talisman of protection on this day.

The festival is embedded into the traditions and is very popular in the north and western parts of India. The celebrations date back to ancient scriptures and find its origins in the ancient mythologies.Raksha Bandhan is not only about brother and sister getting along. Its also time for family celebrations, like other festivals with grand festivities and food. It's family time!

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha in Sanskrit means protection, and Bandhan means bond. So Raksha Bandhan signifies the celebration of a protective relationship that exists between the siblings.

Importance of Rakhi Pournima

Importance of Rakhi Purnima

The occasion is the time to reinforce their bonds and love for each other. No matter the fights and differences of opinions, this is the festival that make them set-aside everything and make them get back together.

In India, usually after marriage, the bride goes to another home and assumes the role of wife, daughter-in-law, mother, and many more responsibilities. Rakhi Purnima is an occasion for her to come back to her roots while managing her responsibilities. So in a way, brother acts as a bridge between her past and her present.


Rakhi Festival has both mythological and historical significance.One of the greatest epic of all time and in all ages is Mahabharatha. The origin of Rakhi celebration beings with the bond between Draupadi and Krishna.It was Sharavana month. Krishna and Draupadi were having a good time together along with the Pandavas. During the time, Krishna accidentally cut his finger and started bleeding. While everyone ran off in search to get something to stop bleeding, Draupadi tore off the end of her sari and tied it to the wound. In exchange for the same, Krishna swore to protect her always. The instance is said to be the first symbolic Rakhi ceremony.

History of Rakhi Pournima

From then on, there are various accounts and examples written in the pages of history and mythology that represent the bond. Raksha Bandhan is not just a celebration between siblings. It is also celebrated between people who have brotherly and sisterly tendencies towards each other.In the current era, sending e-rakhis to siblings overseas has also become a tradition, while brother orders the gifts for their sisters online to be home-delivered.

Rakhi Celebrations

  1. Every year the date on which the festival falls changes. Hindus observe the festival on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shravana. But, with the new ages and thought process seeping in, the festival is celebrated across religions and regions since people deem the concept beautiful.
  2. In the year 2020, the festival falls on August 3rd. Rakhi is the time when sisters and brothers shop for each other. Sisters hop between the shops trying to find the perfect Rakhi and her brother's favorite sweets and savories. While brothers shop for gifting their sisters with things that sisters have wanted for quite some time. The exchange of gifts makes both of them remember back the moments fondly when they are apart.
  3. Usually, both sister and brother mark this as a special occasion and get home a few days in advance. On the day of the festival, both of them get up early and take a head bath, after which they perform Pooja. Once the morning chores are completed, the sister sets a thali together, which contains camphor, roli, few rice grains, rakhi, and sweets. Then they sit facing each other. Sister lights the camphor performs aarti to her brother. After this, she applies teeka with roli. On it, she sticks a few rice grains on all the while praying for the longevity of her brother. Then she ties a rakhi on her brother's wrist and feeds him sweet. The sweets indirectly convey that the relationship should be filled in with the sweet memories forever.
  4. After the ritual, both of them exchange presents that they have shopped for each other to mark the occasion, filling each other with fond memories.After they tie the rakhi, its family time. Everybody gets together and savor the delicacies cooked religiously for the occasion. The day is dedicated to celebrating the bond of a brother and sister. They spend it with each other recalling their childhood memories or making fun of each other, thereby adding more memories to their collection.
  5. Now with online shopping portals like pujaNpujari, you can order your rakhi thali set and gifts online and get it delivered to your home. The sites take the utmost care to preserve the traditions and imbibe the cultural significance and its value. You can now utilize the street shopping time to pull pranks on each other and fill the home with waves of laughter.

Importance of Rakhi Celebrations

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