Moatsu Summer Festival 2023 :Date,Place,Procedure & Celebrations

Generally, this festival celebrates the North part of India name Nagaland, however, this celebration remarks peppy song with dances. During, the time men and women sit around to eat food together with one plate.

The people addressed almighty God’s of beckon and given recognition in the form of a good harvest. The celebration brings good intelligence to the land and the lives of the people, accordingly, the duration of the festival considers as a special time to initiate new relationships as well as strong hopes in their hearts. The people believe, the faith of God.

This year, the festival starts on May 1st to May 3rd 2023.

North-East Indian states known as “Seven-Sisters” are one the most beautiful places in India, and when it comes to celebrating their festivals, “Moatsu” holds an important place. This festival celebrates in the Indian state of “Nagaland” especially, by the AO -TRIBES.

Moatsu dance

Moatsu Festival Significance

This festival is one of the fun festivals and until the people perform their-selves. Each state and their tribesmen has its festivals and cultural heritage. South Indian states celebrate Onam and Pongal, whereas Punjab celebrates Lohri, Bihar & Jharkhand celebrates Makar Sankranti. Whereas Gujarat celebrates Uttarayana, and many such examples are there. All the above-mentioned festivals perform to enjoy the newly harvested crops, similarly “Moatsu” celebrates after new crops are being sown.

It’s a harvest festival celebrates in a small Indian state of Nagaland, which marks the end of sowing of crops and calls for the beginning of 6-days long celebrations full of immense pleasure and happiness all over.

This type of Ao tribe people prepare Rice wine in every home and group of people sit around in front of the bonfire, during the time people serve the good enrich food with wine.

Moatsu tradition

The procedure of the Moatsu Festival

In earlier days the festivity of Moatsu festival lasts 6-long days, but with shrinking time and busy schedules, this celebration performs only for 3 days. One of the main attractions of this festival is Sangpangtu. Sangpangtu is a traditional name that marks the tradition of lighting up a Bon-fire. This Bon-fire surrounds by the chores of people in their newly weaved traditional attires. Women adorn themselves in traditionally made jewelry, whereas men wear dresses representing their Army and their sacrifices.



Motsu festival is famous for making “rice beer” and several other kinds of meats. However, this day women serves deliciously made rice wine and meat, to the attendant of Sangpangtu and together, they sing songs and perform dances to celebrate their group of people.

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