Madurai Chithirai Festival 2023

Madurai is a famous south part of the Tamil Nadu, Madurai is one of the popular art-culture places with affluence. Madurai is a symbol tradition and festival as well as Chithirai is the first month of Tamil During the time festivity celebrated place of the Meenakshi temple also it is a remarkable festivity in Madurai.

Meenakshi Sundareswar

Indian festivals are world-renowned as well as the Chitirai festival is the most famous traditional festivity in Madurai in the South part of TamilNadu. Many people came to visit this festival from other states and continents. This celebration starts with Kodiyettram (Flag Hosting) it mentions the begins of the festivity. Chitra festival glimpse of our ancient culture, traditions, and customs among all festivals. Traditionally, this celebration performs on Tamil first month and the Chithirai festival. Being celebrated on the fifth day of April/May as per the English Gregorian calendar. However, the Thiruvizha generates, auspicious of the month of Tamil.

This festival witnesses the marriage of Lord Sundareswarar or Lord Shiva and goddess Meenakshi. Who was Lord Vishnu’s sister and thus signifies the unification of people from all castes and creeds? It starts from the flag hoisting ceremony followed by the rituals which last long for two weeks during this time traditional drama, dance, and music plays in front of the devotes.

chithirai festival dance


Goddess Meenakshi is the daughter of King Pandiya and she is the incarnation of Shakti. However, the Goddess Meenakshi was the younger sister of Kallazhagar (incarnation of Lord Vishnu and when the goddess married Lord Sundareswarar, her brother could not visit her in person. The married couple went to meet Lord Vishnu at the Vaigai river where Lord Vishnu went inside the river to present his gifts to the couple. Chithirai festival marks this incident and celebrates it with full enthusiasm.


Traditionally, every year this festival started  by flag hoisting ceremony in Madurai Meenakshi temple. Flag hoisting signifies the emergence of two-week-long festivities, and everyone starts to prepare for the same.

Whenever this festival starts with Kodi Yetram and ends on deity Pattabhishekam.

Madurai Chithirai Festival Dates 2023:

Day Date Day Slot Time Festival
1st Day
05 April 2023
Morning 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Kodiyetram (Flag Hoisting)
Evening 19:00 Karpaga Vriksha, Simha Vahanam
2nd Day
06 April 2023
Morning 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM Thanga Sapparam
Evening 19:00 Bootha, Anna Vahanam
3rd Day
07 April 2023
Morning 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM Thanga Sapparam
Evening 19:00 Kailasa Parvadham, Kamadhenu Vahanam
4th Day
08 April 2023
Morning 09:00 Thanga Pallakku
Evening 18:00 Thanga Pallakku
5th Day
09 April 2023
Morning 09:00 Thanga Sapparam
Evening 19:00 Thanga Kuthirai Vahanam
6th Day
10 April 2023
Morning 08:00 Thanga Sapparam
Evening 19:30 Saiva Samaya Sthabitha Varalatru Leelai – Rishaba Vahanam
7th Day
11 April 2023
Morning 08:00 Thanga Sapparam
Evening 19:00 Nantheekeshwarar, Yaali Vahanam
8th Day
12 April 2023
Morning Sree Meenakshi Pattabhishekam
Evening 21:00 Velli Simhasana (Kaibaram)
9th Day 13 April 2023 Wed Evening 18:00 Sree Meenakshi Digvijayam – Indira Vimanam
10th Day
14 April 2023
Morning 10:35 AM – 10:59 AM Sree Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Thirukalyanam
Evening 19:30 Yaanai Vahanam, Pushpa Pallakku
11th Day
15 April 2023
Morning 06:30 Thiru Therottam – (Ratha Utsavam, Vadam Pidithal)
Evening 19:00 Sapthavarna Chapram
12th Day 16 April 2023 Sat Sri Kallazhagar Vaigai Aatril Ezhuntharural
1000 Ponsaprathudan – Night Saithyobacharam at Vandiyur
13th Day 17 April 2023 Sun Thirumalirunsolai Sri Kal Azhagar – Vandiyur Thenur Mandapam – Sesha Vahanam in Morning – Garuda Vahanam in the Afternoon – Moksham for Manduga Maharishi – Dasavathara Katchi at Ramarayar Mandapam at Night
14th Day 18 April 2023 Mon Morning Mohanaavatharam – Night Kallazhagar Thirukollam in Pushpa Pallakku at Mysore Mandapam
15th Day 19 April 2023 Tue Sri Kal Azhagar Thirumalai Eluntharural

Madurai Chithirai Festival Dates 2022:

Date Day Ratha Yatra
3rd May 2022 Tuesday Chithrai Thiruvizha Kodiyetram (Flag hoisting) – Karpaga Vriksha, Simha Vahanam
4th May 2022 Wednesday Bootha, Anna Vahanam
5th May 2022 Thursday Kailasa Parvadham, Kamadhenu Vahanam
6th May 2022 Friday Thanga Pallakku
7th May 2022 Saturday Vedar Pari Leelai, Thanga Guthirai Vahanam
8th May 2022 Sunday Saiva Samaya Sthabitha Varalatru Leelai, Rishaba Vahanam
9th May 2022 Monday Nantheekeshwarar, Yaali Vahanam
10th May 2022 Tuesday Sree Meenakshi Pattabhishekam, Velli Simhasana Ula
11th May 2022 Wednesday Sree Meenakshi Digvijayam, Indra Vimana Ula
12th May 2022 Thursday Sree Meenakshi Sundareshwar Thirukalyanam(Celestial Wedding), Yaanai Vahanam – Puspha Pallakku
13th May 2022 Friday Thiru Ther – Therottam (Ratha Ustavam), Sapthavarna Chapram.
14th May 2022 Saturday Theertham, Velli Virutchaba Seva
16th May 2022 Monday Sri Kallazhagar Vaigai Aatril Ezhuntharural – 1000 Ponsaprathudan, Night Saithyobacharam at Vandiyur
17th May 2022 Tuesday Thirumalirunsolai Sri Kal Azhagar – Vandiyur Thenur Mandapam, Sesha Vahanam, Garuda Vahanam, Moksham For Manduga Maharishi, Dasavathara Katchi at Ramarayar Mandapam at Night
18th May 2022 Wednesday Mohana Avatharam, Night Kallazhagar Thiru Kollam in Puspha Pallaku at Mysore Mandapam.
19th May 2022 Thursday Sri Kal Azhagar Thirumalai Eluntharural

Madurai Chithirai Festival Dates:

Date  Day Ratha Yatra
 25 April 2020  Saturday Karpaga Vriksha, Simha Vahanam.
26 April 2020 Sunday Bootha, Anna Vahanam
27 April 2020 Monday Kailasa Paravadham, Kamadenu Vahanam
28 April 2020 Tuesday Thanga pallakku
29 April 2020  Wednesday Vedar Pari Leelai – Thanga Guthirai Vahanam
30 April 2020 Thursday Rishaba Vahan
01-May-2020 Friday Nantheekeshwar, yaali Vahanam
02-May-2020 Saturday  Sree Meenakshi Pattabhishekam – Velli Shimhasana Ula
03-May-2020 Sunday Sree Meenakshi Digvijayam – Indira Vimana Ula
04-May-2020 Monday Sree Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Thirukalyanam
05-May-2020 Tuesday Thiru Ther – Therottam – Sapthavarna chapram.
06-May-2020 Wednesday Theertham, velli Virutchaba Sevai
07-May-2020 Thursday Sri Kallazhagar Vaigai Aaatril Ezhunthrural
08-May-2020 Friday Thirumalirunsolai Sri Kal Azhagar
09-May-2020 Saturday Mohanaavatharam
10-May-2020 Sunday Sri Kal Azhagar Thirumalai Eluntharural

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