Lord Ganesha Trunk Left, Right & Straight Direction, Vastu Tips & Significance at Home

Lord Ganesha’s popularity across the world is immeasurable. He is the obstacle remover. He is the god of knowledge and wisdom, and beyond everything, he is lovable. People look up to him to bless them with prosperity and heal their lives.

Such is his presence that his true devotees feel his presence around them and firmly believe that he will take of them through thick and thin. Though every position and every part tells us how to be, we will focus on his trunk in this blog. 

Significance of Ganesha Trunk

Ganesha’s trunk represents a part of “Om,” which is the sound of the universe. It also shows the ability to adapt to changes, as it is flexible. His trunk is always close to food, showing Lord Ganesha loves his food. Keeping Ganesha idol with his trunk close to the food source at home ensures plenty of food at home always.

Lord uses his trunk to destroy obstacles and ensures work progress. Hence, it signifies many important things a human should adapt to lead a prosperous life. 

Ganesha trunk direction

If one observes many idols, there are three directions in which lords trunk curls – left, straight, and right. Each has its significance and is associated with a feature specific to advancement in life. While the left side trunk has the most common occurrence, idols with a straight trunk are rarest. People find Ganesha with the trunk turned towards the right, mostly in temples.

Significance of the left side Ganesha trunk

People willing to worship Ganesha at home buy idols with left trunks. The left-trunk signifies the Ida Nadi or the Chandra Nadi. It brings feminine energy of nourishment, peace, and relaxation to homes.

The Vamamukhi Ganesha exemplifies material gain and prosperity as it heals Vastu dosha, especially if the trunk is close to laddoo or modak. Ganesha with left-trunk has healing abilities. Bringing home such an idol mends health and relationships.

If you are seeking tranquillity and prosperity at one go, bring home a left-trunk sitting Ganesha idol home. The sitting posture implies that he is here to stay. 

Significance of the right side Ganesha trunk

Ganesha with a right trunk is rare. One can find these idols mostly in temples.

The right trunk signifies the Pingala or the Surya Nadi, representing masculinity. The fiery nature can give quick results or destroy everything. Ganesha’s trunk turned to the right, standing for moksha or freedom from worldly pleasures. The Valampuri Ganesha should be worshipped according to the Vedic customs to attain the maximum benefit. Appropriately worshipping him can bring you immense happiness. If not, things can go wrong for you.

Since worshipping the right-trunk Ganesha idol can give you immediate results, people also refer to this Ganesha as Siddhi Vinayaka, i.e. bestower of boons.

Significance of the Ganesha trunk to the straight

The rarest of the three is finding Ganesha idol with a straight trunk. The straight trunk represents the Sushumna Nadi, which runs along the spinal cord. Thus, bringing home Ganesha with a straight trunk signifies one is in a balanced state emotionally and physically, having achieved the divine state devoid of worldly pleasures. Bring home Ganesha with a straight trunk if you are worried about the mental health of your family.

When you go looking, if you can find Ganesha with his trunk in the air, it is best to bring it home. It is even more auspicious than the one with the trunk curved inwards. It advocates that the Kundalini Shakti that originates in the root chakra has reached the crown chakra.

Vastu Tips for placing Ganesha at home

Ganesha is a harbinger of peace, knowledge, and prosperity. So no matter the trunk direction, the idol should be treated with a lot of respect. Following are the point to keep in mind while bringing home Vinayaka.

● Place the deity in the pooja room. If you don’t have one, then keep the area where the idol is placed clean.

● Make sure mooshika and laddoo or modak are part of the deity’s idol you are getting home.

● Opt to buy a sitting Ganesha idol for the good luck to remain in your home. Standing Ganesha depicts him on the move.

● Avoid having over one Ganesha statue at home as it acts counteractively.

● Keep the Ganesha facing north and preferably with his back to the entrance.

● Do not place the idol beneath stairs, in the bedroom, garage, or bathroom.

● Prepare offering with utmost dedication and do not consume it before offering it to god.


Can we keep Right trunk Ganesha at home?

We do not advise it to keep Ganesha with a right trunk at home since it is difficult to appease the deity with normal worship. Extreme care has to be taken while worshipping the Ganesha idol with a trunk towards the right. If you know all the rules and are confident of following them, then we suggest you opt to buy the idol.

Which is the correct side for The Trunk of The Ganesh Idol?

There is no right or wrong in the direction in which Ganesha’s trunk is facing. Each direction has its own merits. You can consult our Vastu experts to know more about which idol can bring you the best results.

Can I worship a right-trunk Ganesh idol?

Yes, you can if you are confident of following all the rituals and homa mentioned in the Vedic literature.

Can I worship a left-trunk Ganesh idol?

The most commonly worshipped Ganesha is with his trunk to the left. It is also the most recommended form for households as there are no rigid rules for worshipping Ganesha with a left trunk.

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