Innovative Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi Ganapati Idols

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most and famous festivals in Hinduism. In India everyone waiting for this festival. Generally, these Ganesha idols are made of pop i.e. plaster of Paris. These are submerged in the water bodies, it disturbs the aquatic ecosystem and is a primary cause of water pollution. These Eco-friendly Ganesh idols should not damage the environment. This year many devotees across India have taken up eco-friendly Ganesh idols to celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi. 

On the day of Visarjan youth will enjoy a lot, and they used to perform energetic dances, colorful processions, bustling music moves to cover streets of the country while god idols are installed at homes and streets. The Eco-friendly Ganesh idol Visarjan is done on the day of Visarjan, it helps in increasing environmental concerns and has led to the innovation of eco-friendly Ganesh idols.

Sugarcane Ganesh Idol

This sugarcane Ganesha made from sugarcane sticks. This is a 30 feet Ganesha idol. These idols are very famous in Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Sugar Cane Ganesha

The giant Ganesha idol is made of 4 tonnes of sugarcane sticks and it took 30 workers 21 days to make the statue. A huge 4000 kg laddu is also displayed at the temple. Here the sugarcane sticks represent the pandal to the worshipers. On the day of Visarjan, these sugarcane sticks are distributed as prasad to all the devotees and their family members.

Banana Ganesh

This banana Vinayak statue or idol is made of banana. This idol height is 27 feet. This Ganesha idol is made up of 5-ton bananas.

Banana Ganesha

His eyes are made up of banana leaves and banana flowers and his hands and neck are decorated with bamboo. 10 kg laddu is holed in his hands. On the tenth day of Visarjan, when the bananas ripen reportedly they will be distributed among the devotees and their family members.

Plant Ganesha

Plant Ganapathi is made from organic Mitty or soil. After the visarjan of the Ganapathi idol, it can be used to grow a plant. This idol is looking very nice and his eyes are painted very well. It is not made up of pop, it is made from clay, so if you want this small idol resides permanently in our houses.

plant ganesha

And you can perform puja how you can usually do. There is a developing demand for tree Ganapathi this year, in which the idol is made of clay and seeds can be watered and turned into a small tree. 

Green grass Ganesha

Green grass Ganapathi is made of organic soil and green grass. This green grass Ganesha is very famous in Srikakulam.

green grass ganesha

Here people don’t want to pollute the environment and water, so they used to perform on occasion with the green grass Ganesha. This green Ganesh made out of grass to spreading awareness in Indian peoples.

Chocolate Ganapathi

Chocolate Ganapathi is made from chocolate. It took more than 50 kg of chocolate, 3days ad tremendous amount of love. Chocolate Vinayak is very famous in Mumbai.

chacolate ganesha

In Mumbai, they used to Visarjan the idol on the 5th day. Chocolate Ganesh Visarjan is always in milk. This idol has high demand in the market. The statue is immersed in milk later chocolate milkshake is served to the many children in a slum area.    

Betel Leaves Ganesha

Eco-friendly betel leaves Ganesha is made from betel leaves. Firstly this idol is made from clay, then this idol is decorated with betel leaves, Sindoor, some ornaments to his body parts, etc.

betel leaves ganesha

Betel leaves are very important to the Ganapati Puja. Finally, perform the puja how can usually you do.

Carrot Ganesha

Eco-friendly Carrot Ganesh idol is made from carrot. This idol height is 30 feet. 4-ton carrots are used to made carrot Ganesha idol.

carrot ganesha

His eyes look like original eyes. In the Ganesha right-hand Swastik symbol is made by the help of thermocoal. And it took 30 workers, 25 days to make the idol.

15 ways to celebrate Eco-Friendly Ganesh Festival

Tips for Eco-Friendly Ganesh Festival

Everybody likes to decorate Ganesh idols beautifully and celebrate Ganesh festival with great enthusiasm. Ganesh festival has the most serious impact on the environment due to the Visarjan of the idols. The Visarjan of Ganapathi's idols made of chemicals causes water pollution. The use of plastic in pandals and thermocoal as well as in garlands and other decorations enhance non-biodegradable waste. From these materials, toxic waste kills plant and animal life in water bodies. By celebrating the Eco-friendly Ganesh festival, grandly without damaging the environment and other living organisms. Here some useful tips are given for celebrating the Eco-friendly Ganapati festival.

Use Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol

For the green and non-polluted environment, say no to idols made from chemical, pop, plastic, thermocoal. Choose for natural and biodegradable material Vinayak idols so that after Visarjan it does not pollute water and surroundings. Use natural products like unbaked clay, coconut, paint with natural colors, etc to make the idols.

Limit Size and Number of Ganesh Idols in Your Community

Larger size idols take more space. The Ganesh idol height should be 5 feet. Rather than keeping the idol for the exhibition, the festival should be performed properly. Making of bigger size idols consumes more clay or pop, adding more waste to the environment. It is very difficult for Visarjan, and also takes more time for dissolving in water and sometimes it does not dissolve completely, it pollutes the environment and hurting people sentiments. It leads to over traffic and can’t travel. 

Save Energy

During the puja or arthi in the evening, timings switch on decorative lights when it is necessary. Instead of bulbs use traditional bulbs such as incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights(CFL) to save electricity. On bulbs wrapped different colors of papers to give more colors rather than buying expensive bulbs.

Natural Colors for Rangoli

 For the making of rangoli use natural biodegradable colors such as turmeric, mehndi, henna, gulaal, rice powder, etc. Such colors do not pollute the environment and do not pose a threat to humanity.

Eco-friendly Decoration

In the Ganesh festival normally people use plastic, thermocol and other non-biodegradable materials, these non-biodegradable materials more dangerous to our environment when dumped as garbage later. For decoration use natural flowers instead of paper flowers. To decorate the surroundings of Ganapathi idol use natural materials like cloth, wood, natural flowers to make bells, puppets, dolls. Instead of thermocol use color papers for decoration.

Ban Plastic

Don’t carry offerings like prasad, fruits in plastic bags because the plastic bags are thrown here and there as garbage nobody takes care of that and it contaminates the environment. So don’t use any plastic bags. Instead of plastic bags use cloth bags, it is very comfortable to carry, biodegradable and can be reused later. For distributing prasad use natural plates like banana leaves and avoid plastic plates. If you use plastic plates or non-biodegradable plates, it affects the environment.

Refrain from Noise Pollution

Avoid playing music with a louder sound, which might create disturbance to others. Instead of playing louder sound music, Mridangam, tabla such low sound instruments are best to play. Loudspeakers can create disturbance in hospitals, educational institutions, old age homes. Loudspeakers should be played between 6 am to 9 am and people should abide by the rules. Avoid rupturing firecrackers. Firecrackers will affect the hearing of small children. There is no rule to upture of crackers. It may emit fumes which are dangerous to health.

Limit Number of Public Pandals 

Large pandals mean more noise, more pollution, and more dumped garbage. Instead of celebrating the Ganesh festival in different pandals, make a huge pandal, all the community members and people from neighborhoods can come and celebrate the festival in one place, which will also decrease the Visarjans at the after the stage.

Artificial Immersion Tank

If you use the same water body to Ganesh immersion will be used for drinking purpose which might cause harmful health hazards later. Instead of natural water sources like a lake, pond, river uses artificial water tank for immersion.

Awareness on Green Ganesh or Eco-Friendly Ganesh

The Ganesh festival concept should be understood and in its true sense and its effects on nature. More and more Eco-friendly idol celebrations should be developed and awareness should be developed among the people. Who promote Eco-friendly ways of celebrating to them Prizes should be distributed among the community people. Those photos and videos can be shown among the apartments to increase Eco-friendly awareness.

Compost Pit for Organic Material

After the festival separately collect the offering of flowers, garlands, and other organic items and put them in a community built compost pit. For fertilizing garden this compost material can be used. If you want to immerse them, roll them in the newspaper instead of polythene bags as the paper is biodegradable. To make natural colors or decorative paper for gifts dried flowers can be used.

Symbolic Immersion

Ganesh idol can be symbolically immersed at home instead of immersing it in a water body. During this festival some people may use stone or metal idol, it can symbolically be immersed in a bucket of water, otherwise, carry it in a parade to the river, hold it under the water, and then bring it back to home for the next year festival. In place of an actual idol, betel nut can be immersed in a bucket of water. Another way of Visarjan can be sprinkling a few drops of water on the idol and then rubbing it off and keep it for next year.

3Rs- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

When thinking about how to recycle there are three key factors. The 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw. TO manage the waste Reduce is the best way. Reuse products in various ways. Recycling the Ganesh festival flowers is another way to manage waste. To make natural colors or decorative paper for gifts marigold flowers and other festival leftovers can be used.

Ban Ganesha Made from Plaster of Paris or Hazardous Chemicals

Ensure this Ganesh festival, your neighborhood people buy Eco-friendly Ganesha and ensure you support ban pop Ganesh idols or idols made from the hazardous chemicals. These items add up more harm to the environment. Spread the disadvantages of hazardous chemicals and their effects on the environment, spread awareness on the use of Eco-friendly idols.

Form A Team or Group for Celebrating Eco-Friendly Ganapathi Festival In your Neighborhood

Spread awareness by forming a group in your neighborhood. For your younger generation teach the benefits of celebrating the Eco-friendly Vinayak festival. Enjoy the Ganesh festival but also respect the environment. Encourage people to celebrate the festival with Eco-friendly idols, and use natural flowers for decoration and puja.

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