Daskanu : A Great Saint, Poet, and Singer

Daskanu is an ardent devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and lived during the period of Sai Baba. He was the main person towards delivering the teachings of sai baba to the general public. His sincere service to sai baba cannot be forgotten by the devotees of sai baba. Those who read the life history of Shirdi baba would have studied the details of Daskanu also. Among saibaba’s disciples, daskanu has occupied a prominent role in serving sai as well as spreading his messages throughout the shirdi.

He was the main person for making 'Baba' a familiar name in Maharashtra. His full name was Ganapat Dattatreya Sahasrabuddhe. After serving in the police department for some years, he left his job and joined with baba. Due to the grace of Sai baba, he has become a good writer and he has written many compositions which are:

  1. Bhakta Leelamrit
  2. Sant-Kathamrit
  3. Ishavasya Bhavartha Bodhini
  4. Sai Stavanmanjari

Sai Baba's blessings made Daskanu to attain the spiritual path and he was the main person to spread Shri Baba's message amongst the entire universe. He has also done many social welfare activities like providing food, clothing and shelter to the poor people with the blessings of sai baba.

Every year, during Ramnavami, Shri Baba had assigned the task of celebrations at Shirdi to daskanu till his Mahsamadhi. He had conducted Bhajans throughout shirdi on Ram Navami day. He also participated in all the festivals and offered prasadam to the shirdi people.

When Baba took his Mahasamadi, Baba appeared in his dream, since he was staying at Pandharpur, and asked him to place lot of flowers on him as his last wish.

Daskanu and his disciples sang the glory of God's names continuously and placed flower garlands on the Mahasamadhi as their humble tribute to Sai Baba. Daskanu passed away at his old age, with great honours.

Once, Daskanu sought Baba's permission to go to Prayag for a holy dip in the Ganga waters, Sai Baba was not interested to send him for such a long journey and he made the ganges water to appear in his holy toes! On seeing his guru’s great miracle, Daskanu, immediately composed a song in honour of sai baba and for praising his great super natural powers.

daskanu image


Daskanu is a great saint, poet and a singer who devoted his life in spending his time with saibaba, and properly discharged the duties given to him by baba, by singing melodious songs of god and delivering the message of baba to the people of Maharashtra. Though he is not available with us now, but his great service to the “NOBLE SAINT SAI BABA” will always be remembered by us.

Let us chant the glory of the god and be blessed.




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