Chandra Grahan 2021: About Lunar Eclipse, Timing and Effects on Human Body

Chandra Grahan

About Chandra Grahan/ Lunar Eclipse

Chandra Grahan occurs when the earth moves came between the sun and the moon. These three aligned in a line. When this happens, part of the Moon's surface covered by the dark or blackness central part of the Earth's shadow. It knew as Umbra. This Lunar eclipse also called Chandra Grahan. A partial lunar eclipse will be visible in India on May 26th. This Chandra Grahan is likely to be the last lunar eclipse of India. The Grahan will be visible in areas across Australia, New Zealand, neighboring islands, Asia (except northeastern parts), parts of Europe and most of South America.

Timing for Partial Chandra Grahan on 26th May 2021, Wednesday.

  1. The lunar eclipse will endmost around 2 hours and 43minutes. This lunar eclipse will start at 03:15 pm, on May 26th in India. The topmost Grahan will be seen on May 26th at 4:58 PM. The eclipse will end at May 26th at 6:23 PM Evening in India.
  2. This partial Grahan process can able seen in all countries.  

Lunar Eclipse

Chandra Grahan Effects on Human Body

  1. Chandra is not a fire solar planet nevertheless, this Grahan will not onrush the human body for the reason of during Grahan moon does not produce any kind of rays to the earth. But during the time negative vibration transmitted to the Earth atmosphere. 
  2. According to NASA, no proof shows that lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan has any physical reaction to the human body. But lunar eclipse does lead to some psychological effects because of people’s opinions and actions which might guide to some physical effects as well.

Effects on Eyes

  • In the Chandra Grahan is nature process goes on the space it is one of the meeting processes of Earth, moon, and sun met one line is called Chandra Grahan nonetheless,
  • We can able see the Grahan without eyeglasses.
  • During the Surya Grahan, we always advise wearing preservative eyewear to protect our eyes from the bright sunlight. But during a lunar eclipse, the moon is not as strong so it is safe to look at it without any preservative glasses. Though during a solar eclipse, retinal issues can produce if seen without preservative glasses. So, a lunar eclipse is completely safe.   

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