10 Pujas that make your desires come true

Ganesh Puja

  • Ganesh Puja is performed to be successful in our lives and to bring marital bliss and all problems solved when this Homam performs by invoking Lord Ganapathi.
  • Performing the Ganapathi Puja grants affluence and solve wealth related issues in a devotee’s life. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the governor of the Mooladhara chakra.
  • The lord Ganesha is a symbol of intelligent power and he is predominant of other major god and Goddess as well as he is the granter of the boon from all deities in the Hindu religion.
  • Different ganesh puja mantras help in validating your devotion! The simplest one that you can do is, 
  • Aum Gan Ganpataye Namah! 
  • This mantra may be said daily to invoke Lord Ganesh and make daily prayers. 
  • Another famous one of the ganesh puja mantras is,
  • Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha,
  • Nirvighnam Kurve Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada!
  • Using this mantra, we ask Lord Ganesha to constantly keep all obstacles at a distance in our work!
  • Similarly, different ganesh puja mantras can be used and should be used based on the occasion and the ritual’s requirements. 
  • If you are looking for Ganesh puja decoration, the simplest DIY decoration is creating a dark background color with rice lights border. A simple circular base covered by a red colored cloth with golden border can be the seating place of Ganesh idol; thus, the ganesh puja decoration is ready.
  • You can find many simple, complex, creative ganesh puja decoration ideas online. Some ganesh puja decoration items can be bought from online platforms like pujaNpujari. 
  • Simply stating, a ganesh puja decoration should represent your devotion, dedication, determination, and faith!
  • The last question that remains in every mind is what about the ganesh puja samagri list? Well, there are different samagris required for different types of Ganesh puja. 
  • In consultation with an expert and experienced Pandit a ganesh puja samagri list can be prepared because each item in the samagri list holds a representation filled with holy interpretations. 
  • The typical items that are a must in ganesh puja samagri lists are: gangajal, dhup, deep, durva, roli (holy thread), betel nut, modak and motichoor ladoo! 

Lakshmi Puja

  • Goddess Lakshmi is one of the most revered deities among the other Goddess of Hinduism. Therefore one of the Trimurti Goddesses alongside Durga and Saraswati. Goddess Lakshmi is considered as the supreme power and the divinity of wealth and prosperity.
  • When performs the Lakshmi puja firmly we get a blessing from the Goddess Lakshmi and this puja celebrates on Tuesday and Friday for an auspicious life. This spiritual power bestows affluence life and happiness.

Shani Puja

  • Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya and generally, Lord Shani considered as an inauspicious deity among the Navagraha. When done over the Shani puja you should get boon and relive from the Shani Dosha. However, get benefit from the Shani.
  • Shani puja has done to appease the Shani Graha or the Saturn planet. Among all planets, Saturn is the most dreaded. People perform Shani puja on specific days of Saturday, Tuesday and Shani Jayanti these days are special to Shani Dev. These days are Shani Amavasya, Shani Jayanti, Shani Trayodashi. Shani Jayanti celebrates on Vaishak vaidya Chaturdasi Amavasya and this day is auspicious to Lord Shani. While performing Shani Puja helps in attaining success in career or professional field, bestows wealth and wisdom.

Shiva Linga Puja

  • Lord Shiva is a calm deity among the three major gods, he removes struggles of celestial bodies. Shiva Linga puja has done on the Pradosha Kala and Pournami, these days are auspicious days to perform this puja.
  • Shivaratri (new moon) comes on twice every month, this day the lord power will decrease, so on the day puja is important to celebrate.
  • During Shivaratri (new moon) a Shiva lingam puja is performed. According to the ShivaPurana, sincere to worship Lord Shiva yields merits, including spiritual growth for devotees.
    • Every devotee should remember to face the east direction when performing the shiv linga puja at home. During this time, the shiv linga faces the west direction, with the base pointing north.  
    • Regarding the linga puja mantras, the Mahamrityunjaya mantra and the Shiv Chalisa are some of the most famous mantras. When doing the shiv linga puja at home, a simple Om Namah Shivaay, the most prominent and powerful of the linga puja mantras, is the best way to get the blessings and grace of Lord Shiva. 
    • Listening to the story behind shiv linga from the Puranas and other religious texts also brings harmony and humility to life. Each story behind the shiv linga has a deeper meaning and is filled with the grandeur of Lord Shiva. As per the religious texts, the shiv linga is not a male organ but an infinite pillar of knowledge, wisdom, and energy with no beginning or end. 
    • According to Hindu religious texts like the Shiv Purana, Shiva is considered the destroyer. He forms an essential part of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh in the order of Creator, Care-taker, and Destroyer. 
    • It is noteworthy that Shiva plays the part of Destroyer when Evil or Adharm is the highest and the only option to remove all evil is destruction. Only from destruction the seed for a new world is sown.
    • Why is Shiva Linga not worshiped in Hindi, or for that matter, any God? This is because Hindi is a modern language compared to Sanskrit. And all the mythological and religious texts in India are predominantly and primarily written in the language prevalent since ancient times, Sanskrit.

    Do not forget to bring a Shiva linga at home for the puja. Shiva linga is the one thing that is the most significant in the puja. Every mantra used in shiv linga puja is chanted or recited while performing the abhisheka with milk and water.

Kala Sarpa Dosh Nivarana Pooja

  • The Kala Sarpa dosha is inauspicious dosh however, it denotes unreal planets of Rahu and Ketu nonetheless, both planets generate struggle to live. But it starts from the beginning until the end as well as, Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planet and it has responsible for Kalasarpa Dosha and the power to rule all planets. In astrology denotes, one’s birth in a horoscope, when the seven planets locked between the Rahu and Ketu it refers to Kalasarpa dosha. It reflects past life or previous birth karma.
  • This Kala Sarpa Dosha caused when all the planets in a birth chart come under the ominous influence of Rahu and Ketu together and can cause misfortunes, losses, and agony.
  • According to Vedic astrology, these planets are inauspicious to life, it generates so many struggles of marriage, financial, business and work. We will receive Nivarti or remedy from the dosha and pleased the god of Snake and Lord Shiva.
  • This Kalasarpa dosha puja has done followed by the condition of the procedure, worship the shadow planets during Rahu Kala or a particular time. Purohit chants the mantra for the puja and the person offered a particular flower and Dhanya to the Rahu and Ketu.
  • The Kala Sarpa Dosha Nirvana helps in appeasing Rahu and Ketu to reduce the negative consequences of their effect on other planets. Removes all hurdles from the path of success Enhances prosperity and harmony in one’s life.

Mangal Dosh Nivarana Pooja

  • The mangal means mars planet, this mangal planet controls the power of other planets and also called as a dreaded dosha. The planet generates mangal dosha simultaneously, this planet occupies the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th place in one’s horoscope is consider as Mangal Dosha.
  • This dosha reflects struggle to marital life nevertheless, this puja has to complete for the remedy from the mangal dosha.
  • The ruling planet of blood, bone marrow, and muscles in our body the Planet Mars or Mangal Graha imparts dire effects if positioned unfavorably in the birth chart. The Mangal Graha Japa is performed to appease this planet and gain his favor, prevent serious misfortunes, safeguards from blood-related diseases and blood loss.

Mahamrityunjay Mantra Japam

  • The word ‘Mrityunjaya’ stands for one who has won over death. Maha Mrityunjaya Japa performs to gain the blessings of Lord Shiva who is the ultimate controller of life and death. It performs for prolonging the lifespan of someone who is fighting with the date or several diseased. Prevents fatal accidents and life-threatening diseases, reduce the ill effect of planets like Rahu and Ketu.
  • The Mahamiritunjaya mantra is for Lord Shiva and also called as ‘Tryambakam mantra’ it comes from the Rigveda poetry constantly, this mantra increases the spiritual development. However, relive from the untimely death, and the evil eye energy. This mantra has usually, generate positive emotional expression, this puja celebrates on any auspicious day or Maha Shivaratri, after following the New moon day (Amavasya) is the best time to performs the puja, as well as this mantra Japa, bestows Glorifying our soul, physical attitude, learn moral with lead a successful life.

Satyanarayan Puja

  • The Lord Sathyanarayan is an incarnation of the ‘highest being of truth’ but it personifies Lord Vishnu. Satyanarayan Puja has done to gain blessings from the Satyanarayana Swamy and an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The story read on Satyanarayana Puja describes the importance of self-purification, truthfulness, and devotion to the mighty lord. Anyone can perform this puja, beseeching the blessings of devaru to get rid of difficulties in life and restoration of peace at home.
  • This puja will perform on the auspicious day of Ekadashi and every full moon day also applicable to other celebrations like marriage and Sreemantham.

Hanuman Puja

  • Lord Hanuman considered as“Chiranjeevi” this name represents omnipresent and this Lord appears like a human body with a monkey face with the tail. He is a feature of Lord Shiva. Hanuman puja should celebrate at the temple only nonetheless, Tuesday and Saturday is a good day the worship Hanuman.
  • Lord Hanuman is the devotee of Lord Sri Ram. He is always remembered for his sincere devotion to Lord Ram. Hanuman is a powerful deity very popularly worshipped in Hinduism. Hanuman is the symbol of courage, strength, wisdom, and victory. He vanquishes all evils and brings success.

Katyayani Puja

  • Katyayani is a manifestation of Maa Shakti, who is one of the key deities of Hinduism. Each year, millions of devotees visit the various Shaktipeeth temples to offer Pooja to Maa Katyayani. It is one of the most important Devi Poojas and has tremendous benefits. Katyayani Pooja can eliminate Manglik Dosh, bring happiness to married life, and overall benefits to the quality of family life.
  • Katyani Goddess is the sixth form of Navadurga and she removes the marriage struggle. If we offer the yellow saree, bangle, and kumkum to the goddess for firmly get boon from the deity.

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  1. HinduPoojaRituals says:

    This article provides the best information about the importance of different types of Pujas in daily life. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us on the internet.

  2. HinduPoojaRituals says:

    This article provides the best information about the importance of different types of Pujas in daily life. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us on the internet.

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