Kuber Yantra

Lakshmi Kuber Yantra


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This yantra is worshiped to offer prayers to Lord Kubera. He is the King of Yakshas(nature of spirit). It is said that chanting the mantra 21 to 108 times daily gives boons to the individuals and blesses them with a happy life. We have Kuber Yantra in Silver, Kubera Yantra Locket, Draw Kuber Yantra, at the best price.

  1. Kuber yantra is made by carving geometrical structure on a sheet and it is specially carved with the intersection of 72 rows and columns.
  2. Keep Kubera yantra facing towards north or east directions to get maximum benefits from it.

Significance of Kubera Yantra:

  • This Yantra can be used for meditating over Lord Kubera.
  • Kubera yantra instills a positive force throughout its surroundings and increases the cash flow.  

Kubera Yantra Benefits:

1. If you install this yantra it gives a better life and more wealth.
2. It has benefits like find hidden wealth, recover lost money in business etc.
3. It increases the flow of investment and the capacity to collect wealth.

Kuber Yantra Mantra:

" Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha "


1. How Kuber Yantra will work for me?

The secondary lord Kubera is the saint of Goddess Lakshmi. So, when you keep this kuber yantra at home, it brings affluence, good fortune, and money also goddess Lakshmi blessings.

2. Where we can place kuber yantra in-home/office/shop to get positive effects?

We can place North direction at the home/office/shop to get positive results.

3. Is kubera is a god?

As per Hinduism,the kubera is considered as Goddess Lakshmi saint also secondary god.