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Rose water is holy water, it can be used in an Abishekam for a deity. Olden days onwards we are using these rose water for Abhishekam.  It is the significance of bringing victory. It is used in many rituals, occasions(like marriages, parties), and, Homas for giving a fresh feeling. And we have more bottles of rose water with different sizes of bottles. Purchase these rose water in our online website and perform Abhishekam of deities, they will give blessings from deities. Rose water is also known as paneer. So, Buy this rose water online at lowest price in India.

Significance Of Rose Water

After finishing the Abhishekam or bathing of deities with many items like water, milk, curd, honey, execute the hydration protocol with a sweet- smelling liquid like rose water or paneer has a special place in Abhishekam. This sweet smelling liquid represents beauty and luxury. For any spiritual rituals and religious ceremonies, paneer finds a prominent place. Rose water hydration protocol is endorsed to requests the blessings of comforts and luxury in life. For Goddess Lakshmi rose water is very important. She is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. During the Goddess Lakshmi Abhishekam use these paneers, she will give special benefits. It will remove the weaknesses like ego, selfishness, pride. This is very important for removing negative qualities and improves positivity in life, it creates space friendships, and it can relax your mind.

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Rose Water for Abhishekam

Rose water is also known as Paneer. It is a very important item for Abhishekam. This is made rose petals and natural component, substitutes. This paneer has a sweet smell of rose. If you perform Abhishekam to Nandi with these rose water will get Lord Shiva blessings. And it is very important for Lakshmi Abhishekam if you have done Abhishekam with these rose water, will get blessings from Goddess Lakshmi.

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