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Puja N Pujari is a spiritual formation for all puja’s and puja items. We have more collections of incense sticks with different fragrances & colors like rose, lemon, white sandal, jasmine fragrances, with green, orange, white and black colors. It can be used in worshiping deities like Daily puja, festivals and occasions. The Agarbattis has been burnt in front of the gods and goddesses. Its burning is very important in the worshiping of deities. If we light the incense sticks it can spread the sweet fragrance to an entire house, and it creates a sacred atmosphere. These incense sticks are made from plant fluid of Parijatha, sandal, Sarala, Sala, Pine, Nameru, etc trees. So buy these Agarbattis Online @Puja N Pujari and perform pooja in your home everyday, it gives a pleasant atmosphere. In case if you are looking for agarbatti stand to place agarbatti near pooja mandir you can check wide range of collection 

Significance of Agarbattis

The intense sticks fragrance has alleviated power that has a quit effect on the mind. It gives relaxation of mind and aids to perform a ritual with more concentration. If you offer a prayer to the god idols with mollifying they will receive its spiritual significance. In Hinduism, incense sticks have a special spiritual significance on all puja, prayers, and rituals. In India, there is a tradition of burning Agarbattis it has a sweet aroma. It acts as a regenerate the soul of the worshiper, and it refreshes the air with its aroma. And it removes the evil energies, illness and all negative energies from the house. By lighting these sticks insects and flies went out from that place. In temples, homes and every puja places everyone can use these incense sticks, its aroma gives a holy atmosphere. According to Buddism, there is a tradition one who is facing many problems in their life, they need to light the three incense sticks, indicated to stability, infinity and equilibrium.

Our Versatility

  • White Sandal Fragrance Agarbattis: These white sandal Agarbattis are made from Pure and natural ingredients with bamboo sticks. Its fragrance is a very sweet fragrance, and lighting of these sticks that purifies the mind, body and soul.
  • Rose Fragrance Incense Sticks: It has a charming fragrance of rose petals expands underneath the condensation for a magnetic, sweet fragrance that fills up your home. There is a tradition lighting the incense sticks in the morning every day it gives good luck for the day. Rose is one of the most attracted flowers, has been adoring for centuries in many cultures. The fragrance of rose incense sticks symbolizes womanhood, beauty and love.
  • Light Green Jasmine Agarbattis: The light green jasmine Agarbattis has a natural fragrance. If you burn sticks, it gives less smoke. And it has a long-lasting aroma. Its fragrance is made from the jasmine flower, it symbolizes love and spirituality.

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Facilitate our customers in hiring our best in-house pandits and astrologers in almost all major Indian languages and traditions followed.www.pujanpujari.com is an E-Commerce website for the online sale of puja related items, which covers a small pack of scarlet and Akshat to big photo frames and idols of gods and goddess and Deepam oil, puja flowers.Temple services available in all major Indian temples listed with us.Buy all kinds of spiritual products from our online portal.

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