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There are various ways to show devotion to your favorite deity - chanting, reciting verse, performing pooja, singing, listening and being part of bhajan’s, and decorating the deity. Decorating the deity after abhishekam to make the God Idols look more beautiful and adorable is also a form of devotion. 


Flowers, in general, represent beauty, purity, peace, and love. When intricately woven into beautiful garlands, the garlands represent respect, devotion, and admiration. Garlands made of natural, fresh, and fragrant flowers serve as a medium to connect with the deities. The fragrance from these flowers combines to create a divine atmosphere filled with devotion and reverence to god. These beautiful flowers fill the puja rooms with positivity, filling everyone with happiness, and brings a smile to gods and devotees.

In olden days, where there was enough place to have gardens at homes and grow beautiful flowers, people would pluck the flowers fresh off the dew and bind them into beautiful garlands to decorate the deities. But over time, with the gardens and art of weaving flowers vanishing from common households, it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy garlands every day. 

To fill in the gaps of the traditional garland weaving, at PujaNPujari we offer beautiful and colorful god mala or deity garlands. We make the deity garlands with satin threads, and either beads or other decorative materials as a substitute for natural flowers.

Types of Deity Garlands @ PujaNPujari

PujaNPujari online store offers different deity garlands.

  • Artificial Flower Garlands: - Our talented artisans use various craft materials and shape them into flowers that closely resemble the reals one and bind them into beautiful deity garlands. Seen from afar, they are easily mistaken as garlands made of real flowers.
  • Rudraksha Garlands: Rudraksha is a precious naturally occurring bead highly revered among the devotees of Lord Rudra. They say the beads to be teardrops of Lord Rudra and are hence amongst the most precious jewels one can possess. At our online store, you can find various hand-crafted rudraksh garlands crafted by artisans to perfection, at such nominal prices, that you can't resist both - beauty of the garland and its price.
  • Beads Garland: - You have a variety of options to choose from in this category. Golden beads mala, pearl mala, a combination of both, colored beads mala strung with beautiful flowers, and much more are on display in our online shopping portal. You can choose from the variety and use the one that holds your eye.

You can use these deity garlands to decorate homes, puja rooms, altars, and idols. You can also use these easy to maintain but amazing to look deity garlands for the photo frame of gods and goddesses.

Online Shopping for Deity Garlands @ PujaNPujari

Hoping to offer the best online shopping experience, we have made online shopping easy by providing exact images. With us, what you see is what you get. Order your garlands today and get it delivered anywhere in India. We promise a hassle-free delivery of original items at reasonable prices.