One of the highlights of any festival is the beautiful and colorful rangolis. Drawn with vibrant colors with the utmost care and dedication, rangolis are a way of offering red-carpet welcome to deities or guests, but only more elegant.

With a busy life and nuclear families becoming normalcy, most of the festive rituals get sidelined, and drawing rangoli's is one of them. An artistic alternative to this hand-drawn rangoli's is the rangoli stickers. These come in various shapes and sizes to fit the needs and demands of the occasion.

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Rangoli Stickers

Rangoli Stickers are one of the alternatives to traditional rangoli. They have the following advantages.

  • Rangoli stickers save time and effort.
  • Even the most complicated designs that are difficult to draw can be printed and used as stickers. 
  • Rangoli stickers are more durable than hand-written rangoli's.
  • They offer more variety.
  • You can use them at different places - at the pooja room or on a floor surface or pandals.

Rangoli is a popular art part of India's culture. When one has time on hands, the intricate pattern to the rangoli's is visible. One starts with the border and then moves on to draw patterns using dots or lines. 

The most usual place to put rangolis is in front of the door. You can place aesthetically designed stickers in the front door. There are multiple gadapa designs stickers that you can use to decorate your thresholds. Doing so is not only welcoming but saves you time every morning, leaving you to attend other jobs.

Shopping online with PujaNPujari

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Note the measurements of the place where you want to place your rangoli stickers. Then choose the designs and size of the rangoli's that will suit the area best.