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Copper Utensils are used for storing drinking water, it is unbreakable and long lasting. When we keep the water in a copper bottle, water observes copper and gives energy to the body. Copper container bestows large merits to our health, so we refer the copper vessel to carry anywhere as well as recommended by the Ayurveda as it fights with the deceased, more recommended for the unhealthy persons. So purchase these copper utensils in our website will get good health in your family.

Significance Of Copper Utensils

Copper is a tensile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Nowadays it is used as an electrical wire, but olden days, copper was used as the best metal to transmit energy, conserve clean water. Copper can remove bacteria and undesirable viruses. Ayurveda guides storing water in copper bottles. In olden days Indians are used to store water from river Ganga in sealed copper vessels and it would remain pure for many years. Eat more seeded and other copper-high foods like dark chocolate, mushrooms, shrimp, chickpeas, split peas. Take a multivitamin with copper in it. Do, what olden Indian people did, buy a copper metal cup, fill it with cold water at night time, and drink it next day morning. It will give good health for all.

Copper As A Medicine

Copper is the essential nutrient required to our body, it maintains to regulate the temperature, maintains minerals balance and controlling the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Copper is a medicine, reduces physical illness. Copper signifies a symbol of tradition, our ancestors used the copper to keep to food and water, according to Ayurveda announces copper as a medicine, produces (CU2+) for the health and our physical improvement.

List of Copper Items Available at Puja N Pujari

  • Copper Bottles

  • Copper Water Pot

  • Copper Jug & Mug

  • Copper Tumbler

Main Benefits Of Using Copper Utensils

  1. Creating new Red Blood cells.
  2. Stimulate brain function neurons well active to concentrate.
  3. Increases a Melanin process (Skin issue).
  4. Prevention of cancer.  
  5. Reduces thyroid and eye issues.
  6. Improves Immune power and the digestive system.
  7. And most constituent production of hair growth.

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