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Budha Graha Japa

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The Budha Graha is the ruling planet of aspects like intelligence, education, business, and self-confidence. In case the Budha planet is not in a favorable position in your birth chart, performing the Budha Graha Japa will help in appeasing this Graha.

When Can the Budha Graha Japa be Performed?

  • Wednesdays are most suitable for performing this Japa.

Advantages of Performing the Budha Graha Japa

  • Enables one to attain wisdom and spiritual growth

  • Fulfills desires and bestows financial gain

Budha Graha Japa FAQ'S

What is another name of the Buddha Graha?
Mercury is another name of Budha.

What Budha governed?
Budha is the administrator of education, emotion, business, wisdom and wealth.

Why Budha Graha Japa can be performed? 
Budha Graha Japa is done when the Budha placed an unfavorable place as per your horoscope. It can be performed to get free from the malefic effects of Buddha Graha.

When we can perform Budha Graha Japa?
Wednesday is an auspicious day to perform Budha Graha Japa depends on the one’s birth time, Tithi and birth star.

Is Budha Graha japa and Budha Graha puja are same?
No, the Budha Graha Japa and Puja are different. 

What is the benefit of Budha Graha Japa?

  • Will gain good education skill
  • Good communication skill
  • Free from financial trouble and worries.

Budha is one of the nine planets. He is lord of Mithuna (Gemini) and Kanya Rasi. Budha cleverness of administrating the knowledge, power of wisdom, business and education. Budha (mercury) means auspicious, this Graha has a friendly planet. This planet gives brain or knowledge functional intellectual speech, strong communication, good knowledge, business, financial and skill knowledge.

Budha has friendly planets of Sun, Rahu, and Venus and enemy planet is the moon, and when it placed in 6th 8th and 12th place will reduce the good benefits from the mercury. According to astrology when the Budha change into other places in 6th,8th and 12th these places for facing the obstacles to get advantages of the god. And when it not support or not favorable in your horoscope.


The word Sankalpa indicates about the Vedic astrology of Panchang, place, time, day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yogam, and Karanam. These are reciting to the three trinities of Bhrama, Vishnu, and Shiva. The Vedic Vidhi recited the current Vedic year and Vedic name of the subcontinent and other significant elements. At the ending stage of Sankalpa needs the family name of the customers gotra, family members Zodiac sign, star of birth, recites as part of the puja to obtain the blessings of the lord Maha Ganapati, Navagrahas, their family deity (kula devata) Grama devata and Ishta devata (favorite god one’s choice) so, the auspicious occasion is complete into the invoking their blessings to make the occasion propitious.

Ganapathi Pooja

The Ganapati puja is considering to the auspicious god for all the ceremonies form including birth to till death. In Ganapati puja controlling the obstacles and hurdles, the materialist and spiritualistic upliftment happen all walks of life.

16 common offerings to the Deity during worship
Dhyana – Meditating
Aavaahana – Inviting the deity into the altar.
Asana – Giving a seat to the deity
Paadya – Washing the deity’s feet with pure water.
Arghya – to wash hands and mouth.
Aachamana – Offering drinking water to the Deity.
Snaana – Bath the deity idol with turmeric water, milk, curd, sugar, water.
Vasthra – Offering Clothes to the deity
Yagnopaveetha – Offering the thread to wear from his right shoulder
Gandha – apply sandalwood paste(mixed with water) on the forehead and shoulders to the deity
Pushpa – Offering fresh flowers while chanting the deity’s names.
Dhoop – Spreading fragrance to the altar.
Deepa –offering a Diya to illuminate the surrounding decorated deity.
Naivedya –  offering food to the deity.
Taambula ­– Offering betel nut and leaves with fruits.
Harathi - offering Harathi by lighting camphor

Punya Vachanam or Maha Sankalpam

The name of Punya Vachanam gives clarity of the cleansing ritual by invoking blessings of Lord Varuna (the lord of water) along with sacred rivers of the country names Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, and the Narmada, Sindhu, and Cauvery. The mantras of tirtha recite where the Punya Vachanamis performed their all the five elements

Jal - water
Vayu - air
Prithvi - earth
Agni - fire
Akasha - sky or space

the place is purified by chanting of Vedic mantras related to lord Varuna where the positive energy is being retained in the pot in the place of Punyavachana performed.

Kalasa Pooja

The Kalasha puja is done using copper vessel along with putting of some herbs and invoking the blessings of the deity, in general, five Kalasha is using to where this follows,

Lord Ganapati, Vastu, Navagrahas are invoked in Kalasha.

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

Lord Brahma and Goddess Lakshmi

Lord Pashupati and GowriGoddess Durga Kula Devatha puja offer to invoke into Kalash.

Budha Graha Japa

Japa performed with purohit suggestion and required things and selective days, as well.

According to Vedic astrology refer to the Japa done in the Janma Nakshatra, Rasi, Tithi and time and counting of mantra chanting based on the Horoscope arrangement. Finally, it pleased the god to neutralized malefic effects.  

  • I booked puja when offer is going on, and got perishables for free of cost. Pandit performed puja by explaining about budha graha japa, given me more satisfaction. I strongly recommend pujaNpujari

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • I booked puja when offer is going on, and got perishables for free of cost. Pandit performed puja by explaining about budha graha japa, given me more satisfaction. I strongly recommend pujaNpujari

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • your way of doing puja is very good, your doing step by step like firstly Ganapathi puja next mahasankalpam and kalasha puja after buddha graham puja. Its very good.i like your way of doing puja.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
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