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Radha Krishna Wall Hanging

So, at pujaNpujari, we believe it makes perfect sense to have a glimpse of the lord, and the love shared between the two every day, by adorning your wall with our Radha Krishna wall hanging. Hence, we have come up with a wide array of collections to help you remember how beautiful it is to spread love and build a place called home under his blessings.

A beautiful way to remind of how a home should be is the vision of Nanadagokula created by Lord Krishna himself. It was here that the lord is said to have met his first love, Radha. Radha's love for her beloved was so strong that even now when it comes to love, people take her name before uttering the name of the Lord Krishna.

The wall hanging is a lovely reminder of how amazing, blessed, and peaceful a world filled with love can be.

Types of Wall hangings

The Radha Krishna wall hanging can uplift your homes just by their presence. The various art pieces found online at pujaNpujari online shopping site are made of one of the following materials -

  • Wrought iron 
  • Pure brass with pure golden polish
  • Pure brass dipped in colorful dyes
  • Pure copper

The art adds value to the decor of your home. Each metal carries out with its distinct features. When morphed in wall hanging, each piece is crafted by artisans who hold their trade immensely dear to their hearts. 

Wallhanging FAQ's

How do I assemble it?
The shipment comes with details of how to hang the Radha Krishna wall hanging. Else, you can always reach out to us for help.
How should I clean it?
Wipe the dust with a dry towel. Avoid using water to clean the wall hanging.
How many nails are required to hold it in place?
Technically it depends on the hanging you buy. But, generally speaking, two mails should hold the wall hanging in place.
Can the Radha Krishna wall hangings be gifted?
Yes, absolutely. While providing the shipping address, kindly key in the address where it should be delivered. We will be more than happy to leave a customized message as well.
Where can I place Radha Krishna Hangings?
You can decorate your bedroom, living room, or dining room with this beautiful art. You can even use it to decorate your office with this captivating wall hanging, which might awe your guests just right.