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Buy Ganesh Wall Hanging at Lowest Prices in India @ Puja N Pujari

Ganesha is also known by many of his contemporary names as in Vinayaka, Vighnesh, Ganapati, Vakratunda, and many more. He is the source of knowledge and vigna nivaraka. People believe in starting any festivals or celebrations or even their day by praying to him first and then move on to the main tasks in hand. His presence at home invokes positivity, strength, and happiness.

With a need for his presence always, how about having his wall hangings in your visibility range?

Ganesha Wall Hanging Varieties

Ganapathi Festival is one of the most popular occasions in India, entirely known for its festivities. It is during this season that we get to see the lord in a variety of avatars, and the idols are a treat to eyes.

Inspired by the variety, at pujaNpujari, we have come up with a wide-range of lord avatars to adorn your wall. Crafted by best artisans in the industry, the Ganapathi wall hangings are made of brass, metal, copper, polyresin, and wood.

  • Ganesh Deepak with Bell Hanging: This beautiful Diya enhances the decor of your home. It signifies the lord is an enlightener and removes darkness from your lives. Made of Bell Brass wall hanging with the best materials by skilled artisans, there is no doubt that this piece will enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Ganesha on Swastik: Swastika symbolizes growth. Having a combination of Ganesha on Swastik is no doubt to enhance your personal and professional well-being. Place the enchanting Ganesha on Swastik wall hanging at your home and office to experience his blessings at the fullest.
  • Lord Ganesha with Om: Similar to Swastika, Om resounds positivity. Believed to be the sound that emanates from the universe, having a wall hanging Ganesha with Om, is a perfect way to instill positivity at homes and offices. These wall hangings is no doubt to bring you success and prosperity and help you in every aspect of life. This piece of art is sure to grab everyone's attention.
  • Bansuri Ganesha: To add in colors to your interiors and enhance your decor with this beautiful Bansuri Ganesha Wrought Iron Wall Hanging. It not only enhances the aesthetics of the idol but your home as well. Guaranteed to be admired by the guest, it can also be used as a gift option to send his blessings to your loved ones.

How to Buy It?

In a bid to simplify the process of getting these blessed wall hangings, we have done online shopping at pujaNpujari easy. All you have to do is visit our website and choose one from a wide variety of options. 
You can use these to increase the positivity of your home or your office or even gift them on various occasions. Personalize these wall hangings if you are planning to gift them to your loved ones.

Word of Wise 

If you are buying a bigger wall-hanging, then it would be wise to adorn it on a wall with a lot of space. Smaller size hangings should be at the entrance of the house or office, to ward off negativity, or on walls with a smaller area.