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CHIME – the word itself is quite aesthetic in terms of how it sounds to pronounce.  Sounds are different genre; it might be from music, rain, birds chirping, a crowded road, or a silent ocean.  Sounds are so important in one’s life for it can change your mood in a fraction of second.  It can be a soothing sound that relaxes your mind or weird sound that can freak out your feet.  How about chimes that can bring positive energy, togetherness, and peace of mind to your dwelling place?   The WIND CHIMES can be the best option to do so.  Based on the Feng Shui technique, this unique piece of decorative object can bring in all the good things that you wish for to your doorstep. 

The wind chimes are made of different materials like clay, porcelain, metal.  It contains Feng Shui symbols like Chi Lin (head of Dragon), which brings protective energy and prosperity.  The number of bells as well plays an important role in wind chimes.  The five-bell chimes will supress all your bad energy at home.  The 6-bell and 8-bell chimes are better known to bring overall positivity to your home.  So why wait to bring one home? Order right away online @ pujanpujari.com.  The #1 spiritual online portal in India with over 10,000 items.

Wind Chimes that sway in the direction of the wind while leaving a soothing melody are not restricted to just this as it believed to attract positive energy while suppressing negative energy. These are just a few products amongst the several others that would take away the negative energy from your house. 

Wondering where you could acquire all these and many other Vastu products? PujaNPujari.com is the one-stop solution for all your Vastu related problems. Along with several other Puja items, this online platform has listed an array of Vastu products for the goodwill of your house.

Essence of Windchimes

The name itself is enough to spread a smile and positive feeling to your heart. Windchimes are perfect little wind instruments that can fill up your life with happy melodies uplifting your moods in an instant.

Just sit back and imagine listening to their soft relaxing sounds, while the gentle breeze blows over you. The feeling itself is more than enough to transport you to a peaceful and gentle world, removing all the chaos in lives.

Just like tealight candles burning in the tealight holders, the sounds produced by these chimes spread positive energy throughout your living spaces. Surrounding yourself with positive energies and enjoying the same, fills you with a fantastic sense of life both from outside and within. 

Windchime Varieties

The good luck charms can be made of different materials and come in multiple shapes, and designs. 

Every wind chime, whether - wood, metal, glass, ceramic produces a unique sound. While wood, bamboo, and terracotta chimes produce an earthly sound, glass, brass, ceramic, and metal chimes produce soft clinking sounds. 

Each wind chime design can consist of either strings or metallic chains to make it lengthy or short. Each chimes shape can vary from cylindrical, triangles, square, to bells. Windchimes are also said to help with setting the Vastu right. Ancient Chinese culture of Feng Shui recommends using wind chimes around your surroundings to drive away from the negative energy surrounding you continually.

Efficient Use of Wind Chimes.

Buy these magical arts online easily at pujaNpujari. The shopper-friendly website has a vast collection of wind chimes. You can choose from the best and order them today. Once the chimes are delivered, hang them preferably in either north-east or north-west direction if you are hanging in your home. Also, ensure the breeze blows over the chimes frequently. 

Once done, you can forget all your worries and leave them outside your home. 
Additionally, you can also use them either at your office, or car, or your meditations space. The price of these tiny trinkets is reasonable for the high value they offer. 

Choose your Wind Chimes from us Today!

Each piece is handmade and is a unique craft only best known to its craftsmen and the person who can relate to it. Every piece has a story hidden behind its creation. Every bit embeds the essence of Vastu and feng shui - covering the essence of both ancient Vedic literature and Chinese heritage.

You know for sure this is the right choice for a peace-loving, happy home and atmosphere as the two ancient civilizations cannot both go wrong about the same concepts.

Now, it's for you to decide on the wind chime you want to buy. As the owner of your favourite piece of ancient science uncover the stories and discover the delightful melodies. Fill your life with health and wealth with the positive energies generated by the windchimes. Order today to enjoy the benefits of these natural blessings.

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