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Vastu Shastra continually delves into the unexplained realms of trying to harness the positive energy present in each space to enhance an individual's or family's personal and professional growth. Many artifacts are used to enhance these positive energies. One such object is the Vastu Pyramid. Vastu shastra is the “architectural science” which helps construct a suitable dwelling. These dwellings are designed with the five elements of nature which are also known as “ Panchbhootas”. They are as follows:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Space

Working of a Vastu Pyramid:

The Vastu pyramid allows a harmonious infusion of five elements - earth, fire, wind, water, and sky that make up the universe. It attracts cosmic radiations, bio-energy, geo-energy, and magnetic energy in and around its area. The structure of the pyramid makes it ideal for harnessing and converting these energies to propel individuals' growth. Pyramid is one of the most common vastu items that are places in home, office or any work space.

Pyramid's base is a square, and from each side rises a sloping triangle to converge at a point. When positive energy falls on the top of the pyramid, it slides down the slopes, which in turn harness positive power and repels negative energy. The energies slide down to the base, which is then distributed throughout the pyramid, creating a new energy field capable of preserving the positive force field inside the pyramid.

Vastu Shastra is a mixture of these elements with humans to make the place auspicious and safe to dwell. Being implemented in the construction of temples, it has spread all over India and plays a dominant role in house constructions now. They diminish the negativity of any place and fills it with positive vibes and aura. Many such Vastu Products are there which helps diminish negativity from its surroundings and improves the life of the residents.

Vastu pyramid which is used to remove negative energies and harmonize the home or office or kitchen surroundings with positive energies. We at Puja N Pujari offers the best collection of Vastu Shastra pyramids online at the lowest price in India.

Types of Vastu Pyramids:

There are different Vastu pyramids used to achieve different results. The main reasoning being, each request needs a varying amount of energy to be channeled to achieve the aim.

  • Keeping a Vastu pyramid for the main door musters all the positive energy that comes in in various forms and acts as a shield from negative energy.
  • Vastu copper pyramids are majorly used to make yantras since they are more result-oriented. Using copper pyramids for dispelling Vastu related doshas is a common norm among Vastu specialists.    
  • Vastu pyramid yantras are the most potent form of Vastu yantras. They imbibe both feminine and masculine energies, making it one of the most powerful energy storehouses.
  • Placing a Vastu pyramid for the southwest corner of the kitchen removes tiredness arising out of the heat and heavy emotions in the kitchen. Also, having the pyramid at the southwest corner of your office helps improve business.
  • Vastu Swastik pyramid finds its primary use in rectifying Vaastu dosha of houses, workplaces, offices, and factories arising because of the primary entrance to the premise being in the southwest, south, or west direction.

Vastu Pyramids at PujaNPujari:

At Puja N Pujari, we offer the best collection of Vastu Pyramids online at the lowest price in India. Each pyramid will harness different amounts of positive energy to resolve the conflicts or tune out the bad luck phase out of your life.

Among various pyramid Vastu products - pyramid for home Vastu, pyramid to resolve Vastu dosh, pyramids to improve your child's education and help them concentrate better, Vastu pyramids to strengthen business, health, and wealth are few worth mentioning.

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