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Shaligram is a fossilized shell worshiped as Lord Vishnu by Vaishnavities worldwide. According to ancient Hindu Mythology, Vrinda - wife of Jalandhar, cursed Vishnu to turn into a black stone for betraying her trust. It so follows that Vishnu turned into Saligrama stone. Shaligram is usually handed down from a guru or parents, with instructions as to how to perform shaligram puja and take care of it. But one can buy shaligrams if they can be dedicated to maintaining the sanctity and purity required to worship the stone. The Shaligram Shila is found mainly in the Gandaki river in Muktinath, Nepal. There are various types of Shaligram pathar based on the carvings or imprints on the stone.

Shaligram Stone benefits:

  • Shaligram is said to be a storehouse of massive amounts of positive energy. When worshiped with pure heart, they say devotees are blessed with many benefits to last a lifetime.
  • Righteous living: Shaligram puja is a rite. Not just spiritually, people worshipping the Shaligram has to follow a strict routine. Being dedicated to worshipping the pious pathar helps develop righteous living. 
  • Creation of wealth: As said earlier, since the shaligrama are the powerhouse of positive energy, they resolve all the financial problems of the house where there are worshipped.
  • Protection: Since they are said to be one of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu, the shaligram stones envelop their devotee in a protective cover. 
  • Sound health: The routine surrounding the worship of the Shaligram shila, leads to a healthy life. Though science does not back the claims, the proof in-itself is undeniable. 
  • Spiritual attainment: Shaligram stones are one of the many means that set the course of spiritual attainment. Worshipping the same with dedication and devotion is said to attain Moksha to devotees.

Types of Shaligram:

  • Shaligram is a unique stone. Often worshiped with Gomati Chakra, shaligram shila emits very high positivity for a radius of at least 10kms if cared for properly. 
  • At the pujaNpujari online shopping site, we sell original shaligram, at affordable price. Each pathar carries a significant power and is said to be the amorphic form of lord Vishnu. 
  • Lakshmi Narasimha Shaligram is said to bring in peace, prosperity, and success. 
  • Sudarshan Shaligram is said to destroy enemies and create harmony in households.
  • Vishnu Shaligram is the source of success and healthy and long life.
  • Shivaling Shaligram plays a significant role in removing all the negative energies in life. 
  • Krishna Shaligram is beneficial for health and helps in removing problems in life. 
  • Lakshmi Narayana Shaligram increases the self-confidence and intelligence of the devotee and family members.
  • Govinda Shaligram is said to be one to fulfill the spiritual needs of the worshipper.
  • Goddess Lakshmi Shaligram fulfills, and all the wishes and dreams and taking care of devotees like a mother.

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