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Pooja baskets are one of the essentials in most religious households. It helps the devotee carry all the pooja items at once if they are visiting the temple. In the off chance cases, pooja baskets can also be helpful to hold flowers in case a devotee wished to conduct pooja at home.

Creative Ways of Using Pooja Baskets

  • Devotees find innovative ways of using pooja baskets at home.
  • Pooja baskets can act as a vase for decorating flowers to welcome guests or liven up the atmosphere of the house.
  • Storing fruits in them for daily use
  • If the pooja baskets are small, devotees also use it as a container to perform abhisheka to the idols at home based on materials of the basket. The water or milk used in abhisheka collects in the flower basket and can be consumed later on as Theertha.
  • Some devotees buy small pooja baskets and use them as peetha to place god idols on them.

Well, if you have more creative ways of using our unique pooja baskets, do let us know.

Types of Pooja Baskets

At pujaNpujari, we have varieties of pooja baskets made of different materials. The wide range of materials of which the baskets are made includes silver, brass, copper, metal, silver plated, gold plated, germen silver, and bamboo. The bamboo and silver baskets have age-old traditional values associated with them.

So even if people are partial towards buying them, the pooja baskets materials are growing in popularity for their easy availability and affordability.

How can you use the pooja baskets?

  • You can use the pooja baskets available at pujaNpujari in two ways.
  • You can use it for self-use. As in you can use to carry pooja items to the temples. Devotees can use the basket to take all the items required for performing pooja effortlessly.
  • You can also use it to gift it to others during various occasions, such as religious functions that are held at home. Or you can use it as wedding gifts, or as return gifts for various occasions.

Pooja Basket FAQ's

What is a pooja basket?
A pooja basket helps you carry all the pooja items at one go. You can use it to carry items either to the temple or use it as an additional bowl to store items on pooja day.

When can we expect the delivery once we order it?
Once you order the pooja basket, we will deliver it as soon as possible. Once you place an order, you will get the delivery date with it.

Can you gift wrap the items when ordered?
Yes, if you want the item to be gift ordered, we can do them for you.

What is the quality of the gift?
The quality is always checked before dispatching. So you will always get the best quality products from pujaNpujari.

Shop at pujaNpujari

Now you can buy the pooja baskets online at our pujaNpujari shopping portal. You can not only find a wide variety of these baskets here, but you can also avail discounts. So ordering online is not only convenient time-wise, but it can also be beneficial price-wise. So you can buy the quantities in bulk to avail more discounts if you ordering this as return gifts.