Ganesh Photo Frames

Lord Ganapathi Photo Frame

399.00 Size: (11.5L x 14.5H)Inch

Ganesh Photo Frames

Panchmukhi Ganesha Photo Frame

449.00 Size: (11.5L x 14.5H)Inch

Ganesh Photo Frames

Leaf Design Ganesha Photo Frame

449.00 Size: (11.5L x 14.5H)Inch

Ganesh Photo Frames

Lord Ganesha Photo Frame

299.00 Size: (8L X 11H)Inch

Ganesha Photo Frames Online in India @Puja N Pujari

Puja N Pujari is a devotional establishment and we have more collection of Lord Ganesha Photo Frames online in different sizes (large, medium, small), glass frames, wooden frames, double and single gold plated frames, etc. You can get these Vinayaka photo frames for you and your loved ones on our online website Puja N Pujari. 

Lord Ganesha is the most loving and respected God and prayed by all. Nowadays every one hangs the Lord Ganesha Ji Photo in the home. For any occasion like marriages, Satyanarayana puja, or anything else, he is the one who is worshiped first. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. He has more power and knowledge. 

Ganesh Ji Photo Frames Significance

Lord Vinayaka honored for success and siddhi. He is the God of wisdom. Worshiping him can help in removing the malefic of planets like Mars and Ketu. Lord Ganesha Photos is honored before the beginning of any religious activity or before inaugurating something valuable. Frames with photos of Ganapathi are kept at the workplace or home or gifted for success and security. He is the savior and protector.

Ganesha Photo Frames    

According to old scriptures, Lord Ganapathi face is a bright red color. This is the reason why a lot of Ganesha statues are painted in a bright red color. In our online website, Lord Vinayaka photo frames are a pigment printing. it's completely waterproof, dustproof, sun-proof it depends on frame. We have more frames like single and double wooden frames, glass frames, gold plated frames. Wall hanging Ganesha photo frames are also available, if you hang it in your pooja rooms he will give more knowledge and success. Ganesha has its significance and powers. Buying these photo frames from the Puja N Pujari online website for home or gifting to others.

Our Versatility

  • Single Gold Plated Frame: Ganapathi is known as the “Lord of the beginning”, Ganapathi maharaja one of the most important gods in Hinduism. Get these Lord Ganesha single gold plated photo frame for home decor. Explore the expansive collection of spiritual gifts at puja n pujari. We have different types of colors and sizes, choose according to your preferences.
  • Double Gold Plated Frames: Ganapathi is widely popular among Hindus as he is known as the remover of obstacles. Our designs are unique. It can be kept in your office tables or puja rooms. Puja N Pujari is the major brand in spiritual photo frames. Gold plated foil, providing you with a lifetime warranty on the product. It's price also less.