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Hanuman Pendants Online @Puja N Pujari

In India, it is common to wear pendants of gods to feel positive. It's a widespread belief that wearing lockets can not only act as a protective charm but can also bring luck your way. Hanuman pendants are very popular among people of all religions. He is one of the deities worshipped and believed across religions.

Why Hanuman Lockets?

Also known as Bajarang Bali, Anjaneya is the son of goddess Anjani and Lord Vayu. He is a staunch devotee of Lord Rama and played a crucial role in Rama winning the war over Ravana. Hanuman's devotion to his Lord knew no bounds. According to Ramayana, Hanuman stood guard near Rama 24*7 and made it impossible for death to come near Rama. So people firmly believe that Hanuman can shield a person from an early death. And hindus place hanuman photo in their puja room. 

The stories also say because of Hanuman's devotion, he was blessed to be a Chiranjeevi, meaning someone who lives forever. Since Bajrang Bali continues to live from ages unknown till now, he is said to possess all the worldly knowledge and strength to overcome any situation. Chanting Hanuman mantra, along with his favorite Lord's name, is supposed to act as a kavach against all bad karma.

Benefits of wearing Hanuman Pendant:

  • Hanuman is synonymous with courage, and his pendants are ideal for anyone - men, women, or babies.
  • These lockets offer:
  • Self-confidence and courage to deal with challenges
  • Blessings from Lord Hanuman
  • Protection against negative energies, depression, and enemies
  • Protects a baby girl or baby boy from evil eyes and negative energies that often surround children.
  • Good health
  • A constant reminder of what devotion and dedication to your favorite god should be like.

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All of our lockets are energized to carry the divine energies of Hanuman that carry courage, hope, and protection. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa regularly will help you keep up the energies in the pendant to feel positivity around your always. You should consider buying from pujaNpujari for 4 significant reasons given below.

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