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Lighting Brass Diyas is an important part of all pooja rituals in Hinduism. Brass is a sacred material specially used for spiritual purposes for decades. In ancient times these lamps were made in typical lamp style but now its full of versatility.PujaNPujari hosts a large number of brass diyas with unique designs and patterns. Panchmukhi diyas, akhand diyas, lotus flower base diyas, kubera diyas and many more are there which adds glory to our gallery. We are sure you would agree if we say, among many other titles, we can also call India as the land of diyas. Diya's are as magical as India is.The light that these diyas emit dispels widespread darkness instantly. From simple earthen diyas to mesmerizing antique diyas, the variety of diyas found in our land is astonishing. Among all, brass diya's are most suitable for daily use; hence a brass diya is the most common type of diya found in Indian homes.

Significance of Brass Diyas:

In traditional Hindu homes, a deepam is lit twice, once during morning and evening. According to Vastu Shastra, the brass lamps adorn the puja rooms besides idol's, facing either east or west. Beyond this, one should use brass deepam since,

  • Lighting these diyas while worshiping purifies the environment and induces positive energy in the ambiance.
  • It symbolizes our culture and ancestry.
  • Wide variety of designs are available with wall hanging diyas, home decor diyas, etc.
  • Diwali is a festival of light when Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha is being worshiped. This festival showcases Indian culture when all houses shine and dazzles with lights of diyas. Buy these decorative brass diyas and lamps with small, medium and large sized stands from our online portal to best suit the occasion of Diwali. They also serve as one of the most important home decor items.
  • Well-crafted brass diya can be used on unique occasions from pooja to opening ceremonies.
  • Lighting a lamp brings a satisfied smile, making you feel better.
  • You can enhance the home decor with wall hanging diyas.
  • You can support the local artisans by buying the beautifully handcrafted diya's.

Types of brass diya

Ranging from small to big brass diya's come in various shapes and sizes. Some distinct types of brass diya's you can find at pujaNpujari online shopping portal are:

  • Akhand Deepam: With Akhand deepam, the "Deep Jyoti" glows as long as the oil reservoir is full. The variations to Akhand Deepam are deepa with - a lid, a glass cover, or inscriptions on the surface of the lamp.
  • Decorative Brass Diya: Often, these brass lamps can be part of decorations. Decorative pink lotus and brass lotus deepa, aromatherapy deepam, and beautifully carved peacock deepam fall into the category.
  • Long Diya: Also known as Kerala Long diyas, one can find them predominantly at temples. At pujaNpujari, we have long diya's ranging from the height for 6 inches to 19 inches.
  • Brass diya for specific wish-fulfillment: People light specific diyas to appease gods, to bless them with health and wealth. Lakshmi Kamakshi deepa and Kamakshi deepam are lit for the general well-being of the family and for both health and wealth. People light Kubera deepa, Kubera Lakshmi deepa, and Kubera Akhand deepa for attaining wealth. 
  • Daily Pooja: For daily pooja, a simple table diya set containing two deepam's are used.

Our Versatility:

  • Panchmukhi Diyas: A beautiful panchmukhi diya with five wick points are available. They are hand made diyas with carved out designs and patterns all over. 
  • Hand Crafted Diyas: Making of sharp features and minute patterns on a hard metal like brass is a hectic task, but our artisans makes all efforts to make the best product for our customers. These hand crafted brass diyas looks very beautiful and also serves as a home decor product. 

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