Pitru Paksha 2023 Dates: Shradh Pooja Muhurat, Samagri, Vidhi and Significance

Pitru Paksha is a sixteen-day session in which Hindus tribute and grants attentiveness to their antecedents. On the first Purnima along with Vinayaka Chavithi, this period begins and it ends on Peddala Amavasya. There is no specific place where this Pitru Paksha is celebrated. From 29th September 2023 – 14th October 2023 Shraddhas are performed. Sarva Pitru Shraddha/Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya is celebrated on 14th October 2023 on Saturday.

About Pitru Dosh

Pitru Dosha is generated in a Horoscope, and it is a negative hatha yoga if Rahu is positioned in either the 2nd, 4th, 5th, or the 9th House. Due to these placing of Rahu, one may not be free to extend significant success even with having a lot of talent and capacity. If someone is facing various problems it is called Pitru dosha.

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Date and Time

In 2023, Shraddha starts on 29th September 2023 (Friday) and ends on 14th October 2023 ( Saturday ).

2023 Mahalaya Paksha Shraddha/ Pitru Paksha
Date Day Tithi Shraddha
29-09-2023 Friday Bhadrapada, Shukla Purnima Purnima Shraddha
29-09-2023 Friday Ashwina, Krishna Pratipada Pratipada Shraddha
30-09-2023 Saturday Ashwina, Krishna Dwitiya Dwitiya Shraddha
01-10-2023 Sunday Ashwina, Krishna Tritiya Tritiya Shraddha
02-10-2023 Monday Ashwina, Krishna Chaturthi Chaturthi Shraddha
02-09-2023 Monday Ashwina, Bharani Nakshatra Maha Bharani
03-10-2023 Tuesday Ashwina, Krishna Panchami Panchami Shraddha
04-10-2023 Wednesday Ashwina, Krishna Shashthi Shashthi Shraddha
05-10-2023 Thursday Ashwina, Krishna Saptami Saptami Shraddha
06-10-2023 Friday Ashwina, Krishna Ashtami Ashtami Shraddha
07-10-2023 Saturday Ashwina, Krishna Navami Navami Shraddha
08-10-2023 Sunday Ashwina, Krishna Dashami Dashami Shraddha
09-10-2023 Monday Ashwina, Krishna Ekadashi Ekadashi Shraddha
10-10-2023 Tuesday Ashwina, Magha Nakshatra Magha Shraddha
11-10-2023 Wednesday Ashwina, Krishna Dwadashi Dwadashi Shraddha
12-10-2023 Thursday Ashwina, Krishna Trayodashi Trayodashi Shraddha
13-10-2023 Friday Ashwina, Krishna Chaturdashi Chaturdashi Shraddha
14-10-2023 Saturday Ashwina, Krishna Amavasya Sarva Pitru Amavasya


2022 Mahalaya Paksha Shraddha/ Pitru Paksha
Date Day Tithi Shraddha
10-09-2022 Saturday Bhadrapada, Shukla Purnima Purnima Shraddha
10-09-2022 Saturday Ashwina, Krishna Pratipada Pratipada Shraddha
11-09-2022 Sunday Ashwina, Krishna Dwitiya Dwitiya Shraddha
12-09-2022 Monday Ashwina, Krishna Tritiya Tritiya Shraddha
13-09-2022 Tuesday Ashwina, Krishna Chaturthi Chaturthi Shraddha
14-09-2022 Wednesday Ashwina, Krishna Panchami Panchami Shraddha
14-09-2022 Wednesday Ashwina, Bharani Nakshatra Maha Bharani
15-09-2022 Thursday Ashwina, Krishna Shashthi Shashthi Shraddha
16-09-2022 Friday Ashwina, Krishna Saptami Saptami Shraddha
18-09-2022 Sunday Ashwina, Krishna Ashtami Ashtami Shraddha
19-09-2022 Monday Ashwina, Krishna Navami Navami Shraddha
20-09-2022 Tuesday Ashwina, Krishna Dashami Dashami Shraddha
21-09-2022 Wednesday Ashwina, Krishna Ekadashi Ekadashi Shraddha
22-09-2022 Thursday Ashwina, Krishna Dwadashi Dwadashi Shraddha
23-09-2022 Friday Ashwina, Krishna Trayodashi Trayodashi Shraddha
23-09-2022 Friday Ashwina, Magha Nakshatra Magha Shraddha
24-09-2022 Saturday Ashwina, Krishna Chaturdashi Chaturdashi Shraddha
25-09-2022 Sunday Ashwina, Krishna Amavasya Sarva Pitru Amavasya


In 2021, Shraddha starts on 20th September 2021 (Monday) and end on 6th October 2021 ( Wednesday ).

The untimely death of anyone gives us pain and sufferings but the same happens with them too because it is said that a body dies but souls don’t. souls exist till the end of this universe and if any dies with premature death one must be set free to take another birth in the form of a new human being. An unsatisfied soul is more and more in pain than its family members so its the responsibility of its family members to relive it from this immortal world. In Hinduism, a 13-day process is already in existence to offer prayers to our loved one’s soul when they leave us but when a person suffers an untimely death, in that case, the 13-day process is not advised. People perform Pitru Paksha Puja mainly in the Badrapadha month in lunar eclipse i.e the second half of the month(Krishna Paksha). The 15 Lunar days are called as Prathama, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, Dhasami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, Amavasya.

In all tithi of this period of pitru paksha father parental group and mother parental group. Mother side: wife, son, paternal cousin, maternal brother, father sisters, mother sisters, and father in law.

Date Day Tithi Shraddha
 20-09- 2021 Monday  Shukla Purnima Purnima Shraddha
 21- 09-2021 Tuesday  Krishna Pratipada Pratipada Shraddha
 22- 09-2021 Wednesday  Krishna Dwitiya Dwitiya Shraddha
23-09-2021 Thursday  Krishna Tritiya Tritiya Shraddha
 24- 09-2021 Friday  Bharani Nakshatra Maha Bharani
24-09-2021 Friday  Krishna Chaturthi Chaturthi Shraddha
 25-09- 2021 Saturday  Krishna Panchami  Panchami Shraddha
26-09-2021  Sunday  Krishna Shashthi Shashthi Shraddha
28-09-2021  Tuesday  Krishna Saptami Saptami Shraddha
29-09-2021  Wednesday  Krishna Ashtami Ashtami Shraddha
 30-09-2021  Thursday  Krishna Navami Navami Shraddha
01-10-2021 Friday  Krishna Dashami Dashami Shraddha
02-10-2021  Saturday  Krishna Ekadashi Ekadashi Shraddha
03-10-2021 Sunday  Magha Nakshatra Magha Shraddha
03-10-2021 Sunday  Krishna Dwadashi  Dwadashi Shraddha
04-10-2021 Monday  Krishna Trayodashi Trayodashi Shraddha
05-10-2021  Tuesday  Krishna Chaturdashi Chaturdashi Shraddha
06-10-2021  Wednesday  Krishna Amavasya Sarva Pitru Amavasya

Week Days Benefits

Monday – good fortune

Tuesday – victory

Wednesday – fulfillment desire

Thursday – obtaining knowledge

Friday – acquire knowledge

Saturday – long life

Sunday – health

pitru paksha puja on the bank of the river

Significance of Pitru Paksha Pooja

As per Garuda Puran, it’s advised to perform the shradh rituals in the first year of the death of an individual because after departing he gets the food to eat after a gap of one complete year. Basically it is believed, when a person departs 13-days last rites are performed by its family members and food is offered to him. After 13 days the soul starts its journey and reaches Yamlok in eleven(11) months and in the last one month(12th) he reaches to the court of yam. Then only he gets the food to eat. This is the reason performing shradh is very important.

Amavasya also called Mahalaya Amavasya is dedicated to the departed souls. When you leave this body you are guided into another world by a set of Devas or Angels. Pururava, Vishvedeva – these are their names. They come and guide you from one level to another level. Mahalaya Amavasya is the day when you remember all the departed souls and thank them and wish peace for them.

There is an ancient tradition in which the family members take a few sesame seeds and a little bit of rice, and then they think of their ancestors and say, ‘May you be contented, may you be contented, may you be contented.’ They say this three times and then they drop the little grains of sesame seeds with some water.

The significance of this ritual is to tell the departed that – If you still have some desires in your mind, know that they are like sesame seeds. They are not significant, just drop them. We will take care of them for you. You will be free, happy and contented! There is huge universe in front of you. The universe is infinite, so look forward and go; drop whatever is pulling you back. This is called Tarpana.

Tarpana means bringing satisfaction and fulfillment to the departed. It is done to tell them to be contented and move further. Water is a symbol of love. To give anyone water means giving love. In Sanskrit, Ap means water and it also means love. And in Sanskrit someone who is very dear is called Apta. So, in their memory, you give them water as a symbol of love and life and that is why this is called Mahalaya Amavasya. On this day think of all your ancestors.

In Vedic tradition, three generations on the mother’s side and father’s side are remembered, and all other friends, relatives, and anyone who has crossed over to the other side. Think of them and tell them to be satisfied. Usually, in their memory, people also do some charity, by giving food to some people and to animals…”

Significance of Mahalaya Amavasya

Mahalaya amavasya marks the end of pitru paksha. It’s a prominent day also known as sarvapitri amavasya or sarvapitru moksha amavasya. It is believed that Goddess Durga descended on earth on this day. This is the day where one can fulfill the duty to one’s ancestors by performing shraddha irrespective of time, date, and nature of the death of the ancestor. It is one type of Paarvana shraddha. On this day shraddha, tarpan is performed. This day is suitable for performing apara karma for all ancestors or family members whose date of death has either been forgotten or not known. along with those who deceased on Amavasya, Chaturdashi, and Purnima. If one has not been able to perform rituals on all the other days of pitru paksha then too it can be performed on this day. it is believed that on this day the pithrus return back to Pithu Loka, hence they are specially worshipped, adored, and sent on their way. Apart from vaidik practices, it is common for the family to visit the burial ground of their family, clean it, and perform pitru paksha puja and offer various eatables to appease the deceased on that day.  Mahalaya Amavasya 2021 falls on 06/10/2021, Wednesday.

Mahalaya Paksha tarpanam

Pitru Tarpana is a special offering of water and black gingelly seeds to the pitrus. Without tarpana, the shraddha is rendered incomplete. Although tarpana can be given on all Amavasya (new moon) and eclipses, the mahalaya paksha tarpana has a significant role. It is given under the direction of learned scholars facing south direction. It bestows long life, radiance, superior intellect (brahmavarchaswa), wealth, success, and good pachana (ability to digest the food consumed) on the performer. Tarpana is given by reciting the mahalaya tarpana mantra.

Lunar Tithi Benefits

Lunar Tithi Benefit
Prathama Gaming a good fortune and ability to give birth to healthy baby
Dwitiya Conceiving baby girl
Tritiya Acquiring fame
Chaturthi Acquiring cattle wealth
Panchami conceiving a bright male child
Shashthi A good looking male child
Saptami Acquiring farm and land
Ashtami Obtaining success in business
Navami Acquiring business improvement
Dhasami Expansion of latte
Ekadashi Acquiring clothes and other luxurious
Dwadashi Acquiring gold and silver
Trayodashi Gaining superiority in community
Chaturdashi Gaining good citizens persons who died in battle field
Amavasya Fulfillment of all wishes


Shardha is done in four steps:

  1. Vishwadeva Sthapana – This specifies the process of consulting a professional priest and collect all the other required materials to perform the ritual.
  2. Pindadan – Food is offered to the souls made up of rice, barley, cow milk, honey, ghee, and sugar in a round-shaped ball.
  3. Tarpan – Tarpan is offering water along with sesame seeds, barley, kush grass and white flours.
  4. Feeding of brahmins – Finally, food is offered to Brahmins as gratitude.


Each month in a year has two equal days paksha, one is Shukla paksha and another one is Krishna paksha. In India, North Indians perform this in the Krishna paksha of Ashwin months and South Indian perform this in the Krishna paksha of Bhadrapada month. Last day of Krishna paksha is known as Sarvpitri Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya and it also marks the beginning of Durga Puja.

Pitru Paksha Puja or Offering Shradh

Kind act of paying the ultimate token of respect to ancestors through offerings mainly food (pindam). Considered to be one of the most significant religious act an individual should perform in life- dedicating a few days annually from a busy schedule to honor one’s ancestors thereby seeking blessings of past generations.

The period for performing “shraddha” this year is calendered from 02 September 2020 – 17 September 2020. Celebration extends to two weeks ending on day of sarvapitri Amavasya.Final day seems to be most auspicious for offerings.

The ceremony is best when performed in the presence of purohit. We Puja N Pujari have lined up our team of purohits to guide devotees making homages comply with vedic standards.

Shradh Pooja Samagri

Occurrence: Shradh pooja also known as pitru paksha is a special puja organized to pay homage and respects to our ancestors. This puja can be done in a specified time period which starts from first day of Ashwin month till Amavasya or new moon day (As per North Indian calendar) whereas as per south Indian calendar it starts from the new moon day of Bhadrapada month.

Beliefs: This puja is done by the deceased relatives to offer food, fruits and other items to the sages or brahmins and pacify the soul of the deceased.

Offerings: To pacify the souls of our ancestors shradh puja is done with minute details in a procedural manner.

What to Donate in Shradh?

Donating auspicious items in shradh puja helps get rid of “pitru dosha”. Each of the items has their own significance as per the mythological beliefs and preferences. Puja N Pujari team has listed those puja items for our dedicated customers which can benefit them as and when required.

  • Jaggery – It helps fight impoverishment and blesses with wealth and happiness.
  • Land – Offering land to a sage helps you grow financially.
  • Gold – It reduces disharmony in the house and helps establish a peaceful relationship among family members.
  • Cow – Giving cow as a gift to others helps you by giving name, fame and all wordily pleasures as it is one of the purest donation to be made by anyone.
  • Food Grains – It imparts prosperity.
  • Ghee – Offering ghee to a sage helps you grow in all perspectives of life.
  • Salt – Salt pacifies the souls of our ancestors and thus they blesses us with boons.
  • Clothes – Always a pair of clothes is being gifted to the sages which blesses with prosperity and mental peace.
  • Silver – Offering silver also pacifies the souls of our ancestors and gives them relief from pain.
  • Sesame seeds – Offering sesame seeds protects us from any kind of dangers.

Do’s & Dont’s



Use cow milk, cow curd and cow milk ghee. A recent motherly cow should not be prefered for sharadh rituals processes
Use mustard, barley, peas and kangani, seasame in the rituals Don’t use meat, chicken, eggs for the rituals.
Use gold, copper, silver and bronze utensils for the rituals. Never use iron as it disturbs the departed souls.

Importance of doing Shradh (death rituals)

When a person dies whichever way he dies any of you in India it is not a reality but if you have seen death  close up someone close to you died and you are supposed to sit and watch nobody  leaves a dead body  alone someone has to be there. If you have sat there if you keep the body for over two days or three days you will see the hair will grow only if a person is shaving you will notice it , because the facial hair can be noticed,  nails will grow.

Can Daughters do shradh?

shradh puja by daughters

Yes, they certainly can. Be it a male or female every son/daughter has equal rights to perform the shradh puja for his/her parents.

Shradh is meant to provide tharpanam to the deceased soul for its rebirth and free flow from this universe for ever and if it is done by anyone else other than their own family members then how a deceased will get tharpanma? So, It is always advised that shradh puja must be done by ones own family members to attain “pitru tharpanam” and so be it a girl or a boy they are equally eligible for that.

Places For Shradh Puja

  • Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Prayaga (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh
  • Gaya, Bihar
  • Kedarnath, Uttarakhand
  • Badrinath, Uttarakhand
  • Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
  • Gokarn, Town in Karnataka
  • Nasik, Maharashtra
  • Kapal Mochan Sarovar, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana


If pitru tharpanam is done by a female then one must use white sesame seeds in the shradh puja instead of black sesame seeds.

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